11 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day without Spending Money

Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day without Spending Money. Valentine’s day is around the corner, and almost all couples like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. Although love should be celebrated every day of the year, who would not like a day to be different and special? Well, that’s what it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day, spend the day next to your loved one in a way that both are totally connected.

And the best thing is, it is not necessary to spend a lot of cash to make it special. If you are on budget and want to have a great day with your partner, take note of these 11 ideas to celebrate Valentine without spending money.

#1 Prepare a romantic dinner

Valentine's Day dinner
To make it romantic, you just have to have some good idea for a menu: Look for some recipe for sauces on the internet that have something spicy, a soft wine, and you can make a cocktail of cava and blackberry syrup that is great. If you decorate your dining room with candles, good job, and if you make a chocolate dessert, even better. A romantic dinner you both will enjoy. Better if it’s surprise. You can also cook the favorite meal of your loved one or make it even more romantic and cook it together. The main course of the night does not have to be eaten on the table …

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#2 A good massage

Valentine's day massage
For good massage you just need cream and patience. Whether your partner has a sore back, or not, give him/her a good massage! It’s about enjoying and relaxing, but the best way to end this home spa session is with an erotic massage. Let the passion flow…

#3 Give a flower made from paper

Valentine's day Rose
Handmade gifts such as this beautiful paper flower can be surprasing and very original. You can keep it forever…

#4 Bring breakfast to bed

Valentine's day breakfast
For her or for him, this gift is always a pleasure and is always welcome throughout the year even if it is not Valentine’s Day. Breakfast in bad always a favorite…

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#5 Romantic Tour

Valentine's day Tour
Organize a tour in your own city, which also includes places you have never visited. Surely there are places that your partner does not know about yet. If there is on one of the points of the visit is a place that means something to both of you, this Valentine’s Day will be very special.

#6 A picnic in the park

Valentine's day Picnic
If the weather is good and the ground is dry, going out for a picnic can also be a great idea since it hardly costs money and it could be very romantic if it’s done right. Prepare a basket with a couple of sandwiches, a drink, a tablecloth to put on the ground, some relaxing music … and you just have to choose a beautiful park to enjoy the nature. Perfect activity for Valentine’s Day.

#7 Prepare a foam bath

Valentine's day foam bath
If you do not have money to go to a spa but would like to enjoy a foam bath, you do not need bubbles or hot springs to make it special. Prepare the bath with foam, put on music in the background, rose petals, essential oils in the water … and enjoy yourself and your partner. A good bath in hot water can be the most romantic thing. The spa at home is a perfect gift for this date.

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#8 Free activities in your city

Valentine's day activities

11 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day without Spending Money

Look in the tourist guides where you will find free activities in your city: monologues, salsa dancing, theme nights with strawberries and champagne, film cycles, interesting conferences, all at a good price or free. You can surprise your partner with a different activity in a new place.

#9 A calendar of personalized photos

Valentine's day photo album
Print a photo calendar with important romantic pictures of both of you. It is a handmade gift and absolutely exclusive. You can be inspired by calendars of online stores to copy the design or directly download a free calendar and add your photos to print it in your home in A4 size.

#10 A walk on the beach at sunset

Valentine's day romantic walk on the beach
If you really want it to be special and you live in a coastal city, you can not leave out the opportunity to stroll along the beach. If you want it to be the most special night, wait until sunset comes and enjoy the play of light that is created in heaven. Take a towel to sit on the sand when you are tired and see whatever happens.

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#11 Simply, be original, it’s the best

Valentine's day originality
Write a letter, record a funny video, send a message to the mobile, any detail that is good to celebrate love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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