14 Reasons for a Late Period

Reasons for a Late Period. Why my period doesn’t arrive? How many times have we asked ourselves why our period doesn’t come? Pregnancy, menopause, stress, medication … Amenorrhoea is the situation of absence of menstruation and may be something temporary or permanent that may be caused by various causes that we will discuss in this article to remove some doubts.

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Why i didn’t get my period?

  • #1 The age of the woman is a factor that can influence the irregularities of the menstrual period. In puberty, when the woman is still very young and her first periods arrive, it is usual for menstruation to present imbalances, both in quantity and in regularity. If you are between 12 and 16 years old, an irregular menstrual cycle is normal.
  • #2 Prolonged taking of contraceptives can have as a consequence, due to its suppressive effects, that when they stop taking menstruation it does not appear. If, after stopping the contraception, more than three months pass without a period, visit your doctor.
  • #3 Pregnancy. If you are a woman with an active sex life and of reproductive age, the most frequent cause of your menstruation is not appear that you are pregnant.
  • #4 Sport, especially jogging and walking, influence the development of the menstrual cycle, there being a relationship between the degree of alteration and the number of kilometers per week. The mechanism is not well understood, but possibly the increased secretion of endorphins, the loss of weight and electrolytes may influence that you do not get menstruation.
  • #5 Among the psychological causes that you dont get your menstruation are anxiety and mental stress in situations such as exams, oppositions, work problems, unemployment and situations of emotional stress in general.
  • #6 After the age of 40, as in puberty, the periods begin to arrive again irregularly and usually indicate the imminent arrival of menopause. That’s why it’s normal for you not to have menstruation.
  • #7 Menopause. In this case it is not a delay and yes the end of the menstrual periods and the reproductive age of the woman.
  • #8 Early menopause. The woman stops having menstrual periods at very early ages.
  • #9 Alterations in body weight affect the regular frequency and influence the delays of menstruation. Women suffering from anorexia or bulimia have severe alterations of the menstrual and ovarian cycle.
  • #10 Polycystic ovary syndrome can be a cause of delayed period. If your hormones do not work normally, your ovaries can make too many ovules. These ovules become many cysts. Cysts are like small balloons filled with fluid that can create a mess in your menstrual cycle.
  • #11 Tumors in the nervous system can inhibit the arrival of menstruation.
  • #12 Breastfeeding can cause delayed menstruation. The increase in the hormone prolactin may cause you to miss your period or have very little bleeding.
  • #13 Hypothyroidism can cause delays in menstruation, as there is a stimulation of the pituitary gland to produce more thyrotropin and at the same time more prolactin is produced.
  • #14 Some medications interfere with the functioning of your body and your hormonal balance. If you do not get the rule, read the contraindications of the medications you are taking or consult the doctor who prescribed it.

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