20 sextips for hot sex in bed

Best sextips for hot sex in the bedroom. A little boring in the bedroom? Spice it up with these tips from today’s greatest sexguru. The well-known and acclaimed American author and sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer has received – and answered questions about sex. Every sextips you want to know from the sex experts.

Sex isn’t a race, so take time to explore each other. Write your partner a letter that does not involve a laser printer or an e-mail address. Write what you feel, but the ruling sentiment should be one of gratitude and confidence in your future together. Read more for the 20 best sextips to spice up your love life.

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#1 Communicate with your girlfriend about sex

It will strengthen your relationship. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but will bring you closer to each other. Tell your partner what you like best about their sex lives, and do not be afraid to ask if you can try something new or different. Just avoid taking up the big sexual issues when you have or are in the process of having sex. Talk about sex outside the bedroom, for example while you go for a walk together.

#2 Flirt throughout the day

Start flirting as early as possible, preferably early in the morning, even if you do not have sex before the evening comes. Take time to a nice kiss before you go to work, and tell your partner how much you love them. Send each other spicy emails during the day or take a hot phone call. Give each other a massage when you get home.
By taking care of the emotional contact between you, you also nurture feelings of sexual excitement.

#3 Be a sexual person

Remember every day that you are a sexual being, even though it is hectic day. Take a few moments where you think of your partner and maybe treat yourself to a little sexual fantasy experience.

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#4 Schedule time for sex

This may not sound exciting, but if both have busy days, the sex can quickly become the elemenet that must couples avoid because of time pressure. And maybe the certainty that you are going to have sex can contribute to a happier everyday life.

#5 Do something fun when you have sex

Sex should be fun. The more fun, the easier it is to like. Feel free to experiment with sex toys and underwear. Good sex is not just about achieving the best orgasms, but also about playing and laughing together.

#6 Shop together for hot sex

Take a shopping cart on the supermarked together and buy things that can be included in the sex life. It can be anything from different types of fruit, chocolate sauce or cream. You will definitely have fun at the store, and the chance is high that you to want to play with each other before coming home.

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#7 Take initiative for hot sex

A sexual cohabitation must be for the pleasure for both of you. It does not matter that you have a big sexual desire before you suggest a good time in the bedroom. As a rule, your body will react to intimacy and emotion, so the lust comes anyway. And sometimes when it does not, you do not have to finish right now. Sex is ​​about happiness and pleasure, not duty and prestige.

#8 Skip the tv and talk

Remember that sexual stimulation is closely related to intellectual stimulus. If you want to have sex with each other, you should talk together instead of watching tv in seperate rooms. Ask about what the other has experienced during the day, or discuss the news.

#9 Try to read your partners mind

Try to guess each other’s thoughts. You are hardly mind readers, but you know you are more on wavelength than you might think. It´s fun for you both anyway.

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#10 Time to say goodbye

Pretend it’s the last time you see each other for a long time. Watch out for those tear-tapping farewell scenes in movies and imagine that it’s yours. This may be an experience that is a bit foolish, but do not forget that the exercise can bring warm feelings to you.

#11 List your favorites

Create favorite lists together. What colors do you like best, destinations, dishes, or bed activities? Create two columns on a sheet, write down your own favorites and see who you think the partner has. The partner does the same. Replace lists. You are guaranteed something to talk about.

#12 Make housework sexy

Make your housework sexy. If you do not like to wash clothes, there are ways to make it more interesting. Those who take on the boring task have the right to demand a striptease or another sexy act of the other.

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#13 Find your partners hotspots

Take time to find your partners hot sensual areas. How long does your boyfriend like to be caressed or licked in a particular place? Use a stopwatch and figure it out. At first this is for pure fun, but you have also received valuable information for later use to keep them want more.

#14 Dance and have fun

Dance with your partner. Are you sitting there in the living room without anything to do? Put on some music and dance together. You get the energy, and maybe you want to do other and more intimate things too.

#15 Write a sex letter

Write a erotic letter to each other. If it may feel compelling to share sexual fantasies, why not write erotic stories to each other? Or maybe you can write one together?

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#16 Watch erotic movies together

End the shame. If the reason you have not seen an erotic movie together, that it’s embarrassing to rent it’s at the local video store, you’ll find one that is a little further away. There are also rental companies that send the movies in the mail. And have you heard of internet?

#17 Make a hot porn video

Make erotic movies together. Many find it very exciting to see themselves in action on the screen. Just do not let the film lie around, keep it safe so it does not ends up in the wrong hands. The safest thing is to delete the movie after you’ve seen it sometimes.

#18 Give her the best orgasm ever

Go for orgasm. The fewest women can come solely by having intercourse. Find positions where the partner can caress clitoris while you are together and / or take responsibility yourself.

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#19 Treat the clitoris as silk

In the case of the clitoris, it is very sensitive. Too many women it become too intense to be stimulated right away, while being caressed in the area is absolutely top for foreplay.

#20 Enjoy good wine

A glass of wine or two may seem relaxing and contribute to better sex after a stagnant day. Too much alcohol, however, fades the senses, so it’s worthwhile to turn the cork on time.

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