22 Things Men Want in Bed but Do Not Dare to Ask

The head of men, is full of sexual fantasies. Although some do confess to comply with them, there are others that may still be somewhat taboo, and either because of shame or fear of rejection do not dare to propose them. Discover the unmentionable secrets of men in bed! Today we will reveal 22 things that men want in bed, but do not dare to ask.

Although we do not know everything that`s inside men’s head, but we are sure that there are some things they have in mind that they do not dare to confess to us. As we have an idea, we tell you in general what men do not usually ask us in bed but they are dying to try.

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#1 Prolonged preliminaries

Preliminaries are not just for the enjoyment of women, men also like to extend pleasure and fun and explore their sexuality differently. Have you ever heard a man complain about having too much oral sex? Of course not, because they love it. And not only this, innovating with some toy or lubricant is also in their thoughts.

#2 Have control

Let him take charge! They love you take the reins and be the one in control. But you can not deny that the moment you put yourself on top and he gets carried away is something that also drives them crazy. That’s why RPGs are perfect for fulfilling these fantasies.

#3 Be more affectionate

Although this may seem like one of our desires, it is not. Men love you to hug them, look into their eyes, kiss them and tell them how much you love them while making love. Romanticism also attracts them, they are not made of stone.

#4 Take your time

To awaken the desire takes time, the kisses and caresses and that moment of previous excitement is also very important for them.

#5 Be dominated

There are times when all you feel like is to put yourself at your command, to tie them to the bed and let yourself be carried away by the situation. This can be a bit tricky to propose, so there are times when it’s best that you simply take the initiative and put yourself in dominatrix plan.

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#6 The power of oral sex

Yes, getting off the pylon is something that surpasses your strength. That is why if you are innovative in this aspect guarantees the maximum pleasure for your boy. It varies the rhythms, the movement, bringing it to the seventh heaven.

#7 Talk about your wishes

Talking about your sexual fantasies while you imagine fulfilling them is something that will surely put a hundred to you both. Also while you are in bed in full action, tell her what you like and not like. Encourage her to communicate with you at such times!

#8 Approach from behind

Many women are reluctant to try anal sex, but it is something that men are always attracted to. It may be that women’s refusal to engage in such sexual practices is what makes them see it as an exciting challenge. But if you do not feel ready, surely you have many other sexual fantasies that you can perform.

#9 Take him to another world

Aphrodisiacs remedy. Sure, you’ve heard that oysters and strawberries are natural aphrodisiacs before, but what about more exotic aphrodisiacs, like herbal and not so much “blue” pills, gel or spray? Will give you and your partner unforgettable sexual experience.

#10 See how you give yourself pleasure

Seeing a woman masturbating always makes men mad, makes her desire increase more. If you want to prolong this moment do not let him touch you, just look until you can not more and your excitement is in the clouds.

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#11 Whisper sexy ideas

They go crazy when you whisper in the ear all the wicked things you are going to do in bed. Try to play with him, when you are in public, whisper in his ear some horny idea that you think of, he will not stop thinking about it!

#12 The surprises

An erotic dance, a set of provocative lingerie, impossible positions taken from the kama sutra. Everything that gets out of the routine and stirs the flame is welcome. Nor do you need to do something complicated, but try to make it something original that is not expected. It’s going to drive him crazy!

#13 Losing control

Making love slow while romanticism invades the environment they like, but getting out of control a bit and moving on to wild and primitive sex is something they like even more.

14 Toys only suitable for adults over 18

Many men are intimidated by vibrators, but they do not realize that they can be their best allies. There is another section of the male sector that would love to try all the wonders that toys can do but do not dare to confess it.

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#15 Porn as a couple

That most men watch porn alone is a fact, but it is also that they would like us to see it with them. Think about it! Surely you can get some ideas and put them into practice later.

#16 See yourself in full action

This is certain that more than one would never recognize it, but a mirror on the ceiling or on a wall are great allies for them. They love to see each other in action!

#17 Change Location

The bedroom and bed are fine, but in the end it ends up being monotonous. Men like risk and change, make love in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, even in a public place! You may be shy and do not propose it, but if you have the initiative, we assure you that it is going to be a very exciting time.

#18 Set up a show

Doing a striptease and putting on a show is something they love, but on both sides. Being the ones who dance and take off the T-shirt to the rhythm of the music while they make the erotic movements of Magic Mike, or that you are the one playing Demi Moore from the film Striptease.

#19 Turn up the volume

A good way to let them know that you are on the right track is the groans, for they are an incentive to work harder and make you reach the sky. Deep breaths and shouts of pleasure are welcome, there is nothing more motivating for them!

#20 Increase self-esteem

The complexes are not only our thing, men also have doubts about their body, their way of making love and, the great concern! The size of their penis. Motivational words will always work for you.

#21 The male G-spot

This is a controversial issue, many men are reluctant to let us explore their butt, but they do not know how much their pleasure can reach if we find their G-spot. Those who have already experienced this sensation are sure to be willing to repeat it!

#22 Soft touch

That you run his body with your hands is something that they like. Of course, stop and take your time in the key points to take it to a hundred percent. The use of creams and lubricants for this moment is ideal, even if masturbation is the protagonist at this point, you can not overlook the other erogenous zones of your boy. Discover all that can stimulate the five senses in sex.

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