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What are the best sex postures for men? It is known that sex is beneficial to health since it relieves anxiety and stress, and protects the immune system. In fact, many people are interested in improving their sexual experiences, not only to enjoy better health but to enjoy more widely their sexual life.

Although we have seen the sexual positions that increase the pleasure of men and women and the sexual positions of Kamasutra that favor orgasm in men and women, we will dedicate in this occasion some exclusive advice for the masculine public in search of a better sexual experience.

Women and men are different, and in bed more. We say that a couple understands each other when they make love when they know what to do to satisfy the other and enjoy themselves at the same time. These idyllic duets are not film or unrealistic, they only know what to do exactly on the sexual terrain to enjoy to the fullest, both at the same time. The secret? Make love with certain sexual postures that maximize female and especially male pleasure.

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5 Best Sexual Positions for Men

#1 Waterfall

To achieve this sexual position you need to lie on the bed, lower your body half to the floor, support your head and shoulders well on the floor.

Benefits: This position helps the blood circulate through the head and provides new sensations and more intense orgasms.

#2 Sensual spoon

To implement this position the sexual debts seek your partner to stand on your side and your back so you can penetrate behind. Then your lover needs to lift his leg up so you can have more room to move.

Benefits: This sexual position is interesting because it mixes the puppy style with the spoon style and offers the benefits of both.

#3 Leaning on your face

This is a form of oral sex that men enjoy very much. To do it, you must have your partner lie down comfortably, stand on top of her, close to her face and let her practice oral sex. You can rest your hands on the wall to support you.

Benefits: This sexual posture is comfortable for your partner and will be very exciting for you.

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#4 Angels in the snow

To do this sexual position you must ask a couple to lie on their back while you place them on top of it, but on the back, that is, they should deposit face down and with their head near their feet. She can wrap your back with your legs and take your buttocks to encourage penetration.

Benefits: Reverse penetration offers new sensations.

#5 Standing

To perform this sexual position you need to start sexual play with your partner out of bed, kiss her and caress her while she rests her back against the wall. Holding this position to penetrate it, helping with your hands to support your glutes.

Benefits: You can enjoy deep penetration and control the rhythm of your movements.

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