6 Problems Men Should Never Ignore

Many men as the years go by and get older, although not only when get older, tend to present various alterations that affect their sexuality, a rather uncomfortable scenario. However, there are sexual problems that are more “embarrassing” then others.

Situations such as stress, specific diseases and their medications and even emotional disturbances are frequent factors in which sexual problems occur, according to the experts of the National Library of Medicine.

All sexual problems should be taken seriously and you should go to a doctor, but according to Culley Carson, urologist at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, these are the most frequent ones, and even most “embarrassing”, that men suffer from.

#1 Erectile dysfunction

To maintain an erection, the penis needs a good blood flow, and that is why this problem may be the first sign of heart or vascular disease. To treat it, you must first find the underlying cause and eliminate causes such as obesity, smoking, abuse of alcohol…

#2 Testosterone deficiency syndrome

This condition not only affects sexual life, it can also alter bone health, energy levels, muscle strength and mood. Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the best options for relieving symptoms.

#3 Peyronie’s disease

It implies a narrowing or curvature of the penis, in a serious facet it is quite painful and therefore prevents sex. This is caused when a scar develops in the corpora cavernosa, as a result of a previous injury.

Some time ago, surgery was one of the few treatment options available, but the secondary risks where high. Now new methods, such as compounds that can be injected directly, are being tested.

#4 Prolonged erection

One of its causes is the medication used to treat the dysfunction, especially when it is injected into the penis, or also by certain psychiatric medications. Among the treatments that exist is to drain excess blood from the limb with a needle.

#5 Ejaculatory dysfunctions

The most common is premature ejaculation and happens mostly to men under 40 years. Although there are currently few treatments, antidepressant medications are an option. 

#6 The lack of sexual desire

Is a low level of interest in sexual relationships, in which the affected does not respond to the desire for sexual activity of the couple. Lack of sexual desire is usually accompanied by another physical or psychological problem, the most common being sexual dysfunction.

Having sex is a very strong masculine mandate, so it seems that the loss of erection is a big problem, because a visible erection of man is expected.

When the problem of lack of sexual desire occurs, you can distinguish several types. Primary: especially affects women who have never had enough sexual desire in their lives. It supposes a null capacity to have sexual fantasies and little conducts with a sexual aim. It occurs from adolescence and gets worse in the adult life. Secondary: those people who have enjoyed a normal desire but lose interest in sexual behavior. Generalized: the affected can not experience desire either towards his partner or towards other people. Situational: you do not experience sexual desire towards your partner, but you do towards other people.

The specialist indicates that many of the sexual problems can be delayed and even prevented by simple techniques, such as having a good diet, exercising and quitting bad habits, since this way you can increase testosterone levels.

These sexual problems are still “embarrassing” for men due to social contexts and the demand that they have on their sexual functioning, but they are more common than you think and you should go and see a specialist about these problems.

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