7 best places to have sex at home

7 best places to have sex at home. You dont know what to do to surprise your partner at your next sexual date. You have filled the bed with rose petals, you have made a compilation of romantic and sensual music and you have even covered all the way to your room with a lot of aromatic candles to warm the atmosphere, but it seems that the sexual routine has been installed in your life and in your bedroom.

Do you want to know how to get out of the routine that you have created your partner and you in sex? Leaving the bedroom and looking for sex at home but not in the master bedroom.

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The secret places to have sex at home

There are thousands of places to have sex with your partner in your home, but you do not get caught by hand, right? What if you try with those corners of your home that you have forgotten? We present you the 7 best places to have good sex without leaving home.

#1 Sex in the kitchen, you will be on fire!

You have all the ingredients to have sex, your partner, your sexual desire and the best place in the world to prepare it, your kitchen. In addition, these “basics” can be sweetened with a little cream or accompanied with a good wine. Everything at your fingertips so you do not need to get off the counter or the kitchen table! Do you know that the position in which she sits a little higher than his genitals makes it one of the best to stimulate the G-spot? Sex is like coffee, hot and on the kitchen table.

#2 The guest room

Yes, it is a room, but it is the guest room, the one in which you only enter when someone comes home and to indicate that this is where you have to sleep. For you it can be like a hotel room that you just arrived at and where you want to try all kinds of sex toys or applications to get good sex. You can also go a little further and not lie on the bed but drop on the carpet or lean against the wall.

#3 The sofa, a classic for having sex

After the bedroom, the sofa is one of the most recurrent corners of the house for sex. While you watch TV, during the siesta, after the after-dinner. And the sofa is a quiet place, comfortable and relaxing to put into practice some of the best positions of the kamasutra to reach orgasm.

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#4 Warm up the atmosphere: sex in front of the fireplace

The fire, the fireplace, the heat. Three elements that are linked equally to romanticism and passion. You can choose to turn off everything and in the style of 7 weeks and a half to strip your partner or, well, let yourself be carried away by the tranquility of the environment and go gently and lovingly removing the clothes until the two of you are completely naked. What happens next, it’s up to you!

#5 You will not want to come out of the closet

Original is, but it is also true that the success of having good sex in this corner of the house will depend on the dimensions of the closet itself. If yours is rather narrow, you will have to opt for standing postures, although also having a limited space makes couples more focused on what they are playing at that moment. The most daring can make use of the accessories found there as scarves or belts … In sex, nothing can stop you …

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#6 Sex in the car, at full speed!

What do you think about the idea that the next time you leave the car in the garage you take some time for yourselves? It may sound crazy, even to something more typical of teenagers than of middle-aged people, but it will be a fun way to have sex. The place, although it does not look like it, has its romanticism because everything is almost dark, it allows you to put music to enter the environment and, being so narrow, it will make your bodies meet easily. You dare?

#7 Make your sexual fantasies come true in the shower

You clean yourself while you get dirty, you soap yourself while the warm water makes any trace of soap disappear from your body and the bubbles multiply by a thousand … The shower is, without a doubt, one of the most erotic places to have sex at home. Two tips if you opt for this option: sex in the water can, sometimes, eliminate part of the natural lubriación with what might be necessary a lubricant bought in a store and, on the other hand, you have to be careful because of the bathtubs.

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