7 Top sex drive killers

Here’s the blacklist of the seven top sex drive killers: Do not really do this if you want to keep the spark in your relationship. At first, the girlfriend only saw you when you thought about what you were wearing. But everyday comes fast and before you know it, you crawl into the cosmopolitan sweater from 1992 and shatter the music that your girlfriend never liked.

In fact, lowering of the requirements is completely natural. Quite logically, the hunt is over, and you got what you wanted. If you live in a relationship you have succeeded in chasing a partner. When we are single and out on a hunt, we must of course be on top of our game and stand out among the competitors.

We can put down a tremendous energy whenever we want something, but we do not strive more than we need to when it’s unnecessary. It takes a lot of time to look our best, so why should we do it when we are already have what we want?

Top sex drive killers for men and women

Over 8,000 people have participated in a survey of the behavior that loses our desire for the partner. 5,593 women and 2,430 men voted.

This makes her lose her desire

1. He makes a lot of sound when he eats: 19 percent
2. He farts among people: 18 percent
3. Dresses in a ugly old t-shirt: 17 percent
4. He is unshaved on the face: 16 percent
5. Has greasy hair: 15 percent
6. Burps: 10 percent
7. Relaxing wide jogging pants: 6 percent

This makes him lose her desire:

1. Relaxing wide jogging pants: 21 percent
2. Unshaved legs: 20 percent
3. Ugly old t-shirt: 15 percent
4. Unwashed hair: 15 percent
5. Makes a lot of sound when she eats: 13 percent
6. Farts among people: 9 percent
7. Burps: 7 percent

20 percent of the men in the survey want their women to dress up more in the daily life , while 8 percent of women consider this a problem for them. When we stop doing our best for each other, the relationship can be at risk.

Everyday life comes faster than we think, and we are confident that the partner is by our side, regardless of what we are wearing.

He believes, on the other hand, that we should not exaggerate the effect of sneaking into the relaxing clothes and skipp the shaving for a few days. Many people think that a relaxed look is insanely exciting and that glamorous look just gets sad and boring.

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