8 cures for premature ejaculation

There are different cures for premature ejaculation and the treatments is usually a combination of psychological and medical therapy. But no matter what our specialist doctor recommends, there are plenty of options that can help overcome this annoying problem. Here we will give you 8 cures for premature ejaculation.

So what are the main remedies for premature ejaculation? There are hundreds of them, but today we want to recommend you some that are easily to do and are within our reach. They are simple, and if you use them, you will enhance the effect of the rest of the treatments against Premature Ejaculation. Today we show you some cures for premature ejaculation but before that here are some good advise on how to control yourself better.

Exercises to Prevent Ejaculation

Kegel Exercises

One key to mastering your ejaculation is to practice Kegel exercises. These exercises will help you better understand the parts of your body that are related to orgasm and ejaculation. It is true that your mind plays a very important role in orgasm, but if you manage to focus on exercising these parts, you can control your ejaculation.

Kegel exercises are based on exercising the pubococcygeus muscle. A muscle that can be controlled at will, to avoid ejaculation. Now, if you want to perform these exercises, there is something very important that you should know. And you need to find the muscle, to realize how much power you have over it.

Find your PC Muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle is also known as PC muscle. To locate it, you can go to the bathroom to urinate. The moment you want to expel urine, feel how there is a brief contraction between your anus and your testicles. This contraction is made by the PC muscle. Its contraction is necessary so that you can urinate and also becomes important in ejaculation.

During ejaculation, this muscle is used to expel the semen. It is, therefore, very important that you learn to control it if you pretend to know how to put up with more by making love. After you locate it, you can contract it without having to urinate. Then you will be ready to continue with the next step.

Exercise the muscle PC
It is time that you begin to advance the control of premature ejaculation. And for this you will have to exercise this muscle, which will be very simple but effective.

Now that you know where it is and how it contracts, begin to contract and relax the muscle. The contraction should be from 6 to 10 seconds. Then relax.

When you keep the contraction, relax the rest of your body. Exercise should focus only on that muscle. Breathe deeply and allow your other muscles to become loose. When you relax, you can pause for two or three seconds before you re-contract the muscle.

This exercise should be done about 30 times. When completing a series, you can do any other activity. But we suggest you do the exercise about 5 times during the day. That is, do five sets of 30 repetitions a day.

Masturbate to Control the Premature Ejaculation

If there is something you can do too, apart from the previous exercises, is to train with masturbation.

Masturbation can be harnessed to treat premature ejaculation. And for this you have to set aside some time during the day when you can not be interrupted, since, unlike any other occasion you have masturbated, this time you will need more concentration. The exercise is that you masturbate and, during the process, begins to perceive very carefully what you feel and what makes you feel like ejaculating.

One of the possible causes for you suffer from premature ejaculation is because you do not realize what is happening in your body before ejaculating.

Recognize your Impulses
During masturbation it is also important that you begin to take control over those feelings. Once you recognize them, learn to stop before ejaculating.

The first few times you have to stop your ejaculation, and to do so take a breath when you feel that you can not stand it anymore. Inspiring air will fill your abdomen with air and cause sexual tension to ease.

If your intention is to fully know how to last longer in bed, you have to commit to doing the exercises on a daily basis. Because only this way you will develop control over your orgasm.

8 cures for premature ejaculation

#1 Positive Mentality

It may not seem like it, but the attitude you have before you start having sex will make an important difference, so take it the best way, never disrespect yourself or your partner. You must realize that every time you go to do it with your girl, you will have the best sex of your life, this simple fact will become very noticeable in bed.

#2 Practice

This point may be something obvious but I want to last as long as you want in bed, combining it with the positive mentality, it will not serve you any good having sex if you feel like the worst lover in the world.

That said, try to have a very active and constant sex life, this way you can know yourself, as well as your limits what favors you and what does not, this without neglecting the fact that several weeks without sex you Will return into a “time bomb” and a mess in bed.

As if that were not enough, having sex will constantly make your body get used to sexual encounters and this improves your performance in bed and you will know how to last longer making love.

#3 If possible get a stable partner

This has many benefits, especially if you consider yourself inexperienced or if you have premature ejaculation problems. I explain, making love with the same person will strengthen confidence in yourself, make you feel less nervous and more comfortable with which you dare to experience new things and if something goes wrong you will not feel as embarrassed as with someone you know little about.

#4 Use a condom

Besides precaution to use some condom will be of great help both to give pleasure to your partner and to last longer in bed, since the condom will make you lose some sensitivity in the penis so the excitement will decrease and you will be able to contain the ejaculation easily. In addition to this you can try textured condoms and reliefs to give your partner extra pleasure.

If your problem is because of a lot of sensitivity in the penis, the condom will help you get used to that sensitivity and reduce it. We do not recommend that you use condoms with any type of retardant, as this will only be a solution of this moment, and when you decide to have sex without a condom, you will not see any positive results.

#5 Stop using drugs, alcohol, and smoke cigarettes

Numerous medical studies have revealed that to use any type of drug will reduce you ability to enjoy your sexuality to the full, so it is very important to stop using any type of drug since its consequences can be reflected even years after having stopped using them.

#6 Flirting before sex

One of the most important techniques to learn how to last longer in bed is the foreplay, with a good foreplay will increase the excitement to the maximum in your partner without the need to stimulate your penis. So do not ever start with sex without taking the time to get her exited.

Explore your body, and find the places that most stimulate it, if you know how to stimulate it in different parts of the body she will not be bored with you and will always want more.

#7 Change positions

When you start with the penetration you will do the following, every time you feel that the excitement is reaching its maximum point you will change position. How does this help you? Very simple, when changing positions you give your body a brief break with what the sexual tension decreases and the desire to ejaculate too.

#8 Distraction

If you feel that you can not contain yourself and you are about to ejaculate it may be that the problem is that you are thinking a lot about it, try to think of other things that do not have to do with sex, considering not neglecting your partner. In doing so you will feel much more relaxed and you will feel more confident and you will know how to last longer making love.

Applying the above tips you will notice a great advance in your sexual life but if you really want to completely change your live and your sexuality, keep reading and learning more from our articles.

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