9 Tips to achieve the most intense female orgasm

It sounds contradictory: while we all have in mind that women are able to have multiple orgasms. Men are often told that they reach the climax to quickly, and that they have to find the womens key to pleasure, so that they can go all the way.

There are many tricks to get women to achieve a intense orgasm, and there is a lot written about quantity and little quality. Without going any further, the goal is to get there, and the intensity and duration of the climax seems to give equal. “The female orgasm usually lasts between six and 30 seconds but there are ways to get it to be enjoyed for an entire minute,” These are tips to achieve the most intense female orgasm. Take out the timers, and see what gives you more.

#1 The Key of Pleasure

The stimulation of the G-spot can produce a very different pleasure than a clitoral orgasm. “If you want to explore the sensations that are achieved with the stimulation of the G-spot, first you will have to know where it is.” It is about five centimeters deep inside the vagina – on the front of the wall, is oval and about the size of a bean, more or less.

The G-spot is the axis that coordinates the rhythm of the clitoris, the urethra, the vaginal wall, and the network of nerves, muscles, and glands throughout the vaginal set. It is an erogenous zone that once stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and even to female ejaculation.

“Because it is made up of erectile tissue when the woman gets aroused the area swells slightly and fills with blood.”. This sensation makes it harder and can better perceive the friction of the penis during penetration so it is advisable to know how to stimulate it. Although the truth is that few women enjoy this type of orgasm.

#2 Sex toys

The vibrators offer movements and speeds that lead to pleasures different from those of an orgasm derived from a man. They reach areas where the penis, much more immobile and inflexible, is not approaching and with them can stimulate areas plagued with nerve endings that lead to more intense lasting orgasms.

The kings are those who have forms that give simultaneous pleasure to the clitoris and the vagina since they allow an internal and external stimulation at the same time. You can also try to rub and excite the area in parallel with the penetration, but it is clear that getting the same vibration is not at your fingertips, never better. No one says that the male being over in bed, but having a fun and stimulating toy can help beat orgasmic time records.

#3 Care for other erogenous zones

Just as men enjoy more intense orgasms when they caress their genitals, for example, if they are nibbled on their ears or touched, the women have more than one vagina. By not returning to the clitoris, which many forget their existence, touching and properly stimulate their most sensitive intimate areas will help orgasm not only come earlier but also longer. The breasts, the buttocks, the neck.

#4 Whispering sexy things

“Saying dirty things in bed can be awkward at first,” “but it can work wonders with your sex life.”

There are many experts who claims that verbally arousing women while having sex helps them achieve orgasms that are much more pleasurable and long. “Telling her how wet, warm, and incredibly good he feels to be with her, keeps her attention focused on erotic sensations.

#5 Sexual games in bed

Never again should we underestimate the importance of sexual games in bed. The pleasure spikes that are enjoyed during these can not only lead to an orgasm prior to coitus, but to keep the female body in the right tension to make way for one of the long-lasting.

Working multiple positions and sexual games during a single session can help prolong the female orgasm because the variation makes them feel more aroused. Erotic massage, use your fingers to stimulate their erogenous zones, some oral sex prior to penetration, letting some toy or accessory intervene.

#6 Choose the best position

There are certain sexual movements that are best for intense long lasting orgasms, rubbing or having the clitoris handy as well as being able to get more friction on the G-spot, depending on the type of pleasure you enjoy most. What is clear is that among the preferred postures for lasting orgasms are those in which the rhythm, the rubbing of their erogenous points or the depth of penetration is left to the lady’s choice: the cowgirl, the teaspoon, the Puppy, cross or missionary (yes, a classic that never goes out of style). “Working multiple positions and sexual games during a single session can help prolong the female orgasm”

#7 Feeling sexy

Insecurity distracts and inhibits the pleasure of women. So please never say to women that she is put on weight, or comment on her ass getting bigger. The verbal excitement can also accompany exciting pirouettes that “focus the female sensations on sexual pleasure to achieve deeper and more lasting orgasms.

#8 The ideal mood

“The key to any female orgasm is that she is relaxed and focused solely on pleasure,” the more you take care of the staging, the greater the chances of them enjoying a long and intense pleasure.
The women is in the vine while they are having sex, but the idea that attention is maintained in the act, in the pleasure that is being felt, in the tastes and smells that surround the situation. And whether or not it is going the right way for both of them to reach orgasm, may be the key to being memorable.

#9 Boost your sexual desire

When you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, and when you’re in a good relationship, your sex drive is bound to be better than when you’re not. But there are ways to get it even better. Female enhancement pills work to increase sexual desire or female libido. We have listed a female enhancement pill which we know will help improve your libido and give you intense long lasting orgasm.

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