A Healthy Sex Relationship

Healthy Sex Relationship. Healthy habits, from the sexual aspect, are those practices that protect you and your partner from an undesirable consequence in the future because of a sexual relationship, as well as those actions that together help you enjoy fully and responsibly.

If you want to enjoy sex more satisfactorily, it is your duty to inform and educate you on issues of sexuality, because it gives you a sense of confidence and security to know what you want, what you can, what you should and should not, do in bed.
Therefore, we present some of the most recommended sexual habits and healthy sexual relationship:

#1 Do not be selfish

A healthy sexual relationship has to do more with giving than with receiving. Husband and wife focus more on meeting the needs of the other than on fulfilling their own desires. If both focus on the other, most of the difficulties are overcome. What to do, or how, when, where, how many times … those questions are answered, in most cases, going in the direction of what the spouse wants.

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#2 Honest

Husband and wife can see the “how, when, where, how often” questions differently, but both will honestly and kindly express their wishes, fears, frustrations, and more. Although both try to meet the needs of the other, no one will be forced to engage in sexually in something that then makes them feel resentment towards the other.

#3 Know yourself

Sexuality is first and foremost personal. So before you have sex with a partner, first know yourself. Learn to see you naked, to know the forms of your body and the way in which it reacts to the different caresses. Learn to distinguish what makes you feel comfortable and what does not.

#4 It is important

Sex is not “just sex”, it is a type of intimacy between women and men and that is really important. It is to be treated as something valuable, a precious gift worth saving, in which one has to work for, in which it is worthwhile to improve, to make it a priority, to invest in it, to pray for it. It should not be dismissed as a minor addition.

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#5 Is regularly irregular

Sexual life can change: from frequent to occasional, from exciting to comfortable, from satisfying to frustrating … it depends on physical health, stress of life and other factors. In a healthy relationship, the men and women are committed to physically joining, to reconnect frequently, but with freedom, without legalistic pressures.

#6 It is exclusive

The spouses will look at each other exclusively, they will not look anywhere else for the fulfillment of their sexual desires and needs. Sexual intimacy with a third person is outside the limits of a healthy sexuality, but the same happens with pornography, excessive emotional intimacy with another person, etc …

#7 It is safe and healing

A healthy sexual relationship allows you to expose yourself, vulnerable, without being hurt. Sexual intercourse (or deferral) is not used to punish, control, or hurt. To see you completely, to know you, and still love and accept you, is a wonderful and healing experience, healing specific wounds of the past, or common weaknesses of man.

#8 Personal hygiene

Not only is care given to personal hygiene in advance, but also later. For example, women are advised to urinate after sexual intercourse, to help expel semen debris and to prevent urinary tract infections. Men are advised that after intercourse, also cleanse their penis of fluids in order to avoid bad odors and infections.

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#9 It’s more than physical

The sexual act is the physical aspect of a well-worked intimacy. That’s why it’s never “just sex”. This complete intimacy includes friendship, forgiveness, emotional bonds, mutual understanding, and spiritual connection. Complete marital sexuality includes all these things.

#10 Exercise

In addition to offering you a sense of mental well-being, you will have better breathing capacity, better physical stamina, more energy and energy to perform and fully enjoy your sexual relationships.

#11 Fidelity

It allows you to reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and allows a greater emotional connection with your partner to enjoy sex with more confidence, emotion and tranquility.

#12 Set your limits

Learn to recognize and remain firm about your decisions in intimacy, which allows you to handle your sexuality more responsibly, as well as preventing you from doing things that you do not really want.

These are just some of the most recommended sexual habits, but remember that you can set your own and agree on others with your partner to enjoy the pleasurable sex, free of pressures or worries.

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