All you need to know about anal sex

Here are the tips for you who have tried anal sex and for you who want to try it for the first time. Anal sex can be a wonderful experience with the right sex partner. It is important to listen to each other and pay attention, especially at the beginning. Everything you want to know about anal sex.

One of the many pleasures is to explore the different aspects of sexuality. Studies show that more and more people like anal sex. Anal sex may seem taboo, but behind closed doors, plenty of women have tried it: According to a survey published in a 2015 issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, more than 1 in 3 women ages 19 to 44 has tried it at least once. Tidligere brukte man bakveien for ikke å ødelegge jomfruhinnen og ikke bli gravide, hvis man hadde førektenskapelig samleie.

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Can feel like you have to go to the toilet

It’s quite common for you to feel during anal sex. When something is in the outer part of the anal canal, the natural reaction is that you want to push it out. In addition, the back of the intestine (which has its own brain) begins to contract to “help the body” to get it out.

If the anal intercourse lasts over time, feces may fall into the outer part of the anal canal. Therefore, it is advisable to use a condom. If you have searched online for answers to how you can secure, or perhaps your partner, against feces under anal sex, you may have come across the term “analgesic”.

The lower part of the intestine is usually empty, unless one feels one must do. It is only when the faeces come down to this part that the need for a toilet visit is comin, but there may be leftovers of faeces left afterwards.

You can use an anale flush with clean water before you have anal sex if you are afraid of leftovers. When using anale sauce, the water will come out again, so it can pay to use it over the toilet.

The closure muscles are wildly controlled and you can keep the water in, but it will feel as if it is really urgent with a toilet visit. One must do the same pressure exercises to empty the intestine with water as when emptying the intestine.

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Yes, you can have a more relaxed mood

If you are often bothered with constipation or loose stomach, it may resolve your diet. And, if you have regular stools, you can most likely drop the cleansing anal before intercourse, while those who have more frequent and looser stool patterns should enjoy a shower.

Especially if you want to explore the anal, also called “rimming” where you lick, suck and kiss the other’s butt and possibly penetrate the tongue. Then you should be clean like a plate. Another concern about anal sex is that you will have a relaxed mucous membrane because the penis or the wire that is inserted will expand the anus.

The anal sex may cause to relaxed anal muscles, but for most of them, they are able to control the muscle well afterwards. There are two muscles that are connected to the anal opening. One can be controlled with will, the other not.

Taboo? It is not yet everyone who seems anal sex is everyday and it is still surrounded by some taboos – that anal penetration is most for her, not him. The truth is that men have at least as much to earn on stimulation there behind, as women – just dare to try, most people will get a whole new and amazing sexual experience.

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Anal sex tips for beginners

1. Do not go straight there, but make sure you are really horny and receptive. Begin with a beautiful mouthpiece while your partner slowly massages backwards in the crack. Remember: You can never use too much lubricant!

2. If your fingers massage calmly and comfortably, the buttocks will relax and care for. Push slowly into the first joint of a finger and wait until it gives. It can take anywhere from five to many seconds. Some people think that one finger gets too puzzled and would rather have two. Cross your fingers like a lion cross and, as mentioned above, push them a little softly and hold them to expand the hole.

3. Putt in a small butplug so the hole gradually joins the expansion.

4. Follow the facial and body expression. If it feels good to the recipient, the body will look after and ask for more. What for anal sex can seem very calm, for those who receive anal sex may seem too hot.

5. A smart trick is therefore that the recipient presses against the partner at the pace she wants herself, rather than the partner going too fast.

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Cracks and other pitfalls

The most common mistake you make when trying anal sex for the first time is to forget about the lubricant. This can cause cracks in and around the the buttocks, so-called anal fissure.

We talked to a so-called” sex expert “in the porn court in Hamburg who could tell me that Jojoba oil was the key to success when having anal sex. As good as possible, I thought, and chose to buy one of the bottles he had standing with “anal passion” glide. And I did not regret for a second.

There are many good lubricants in the retail trade, both in physical stores and online. But look primarily for a silicone-based lubricant. A silicone-based lubricant has a long lasting effect and does not dry in the same way a water-based lubricant can do.

Exploring each other’s ends should be done in a calm and considerate pace. Forceing in can lead to both pain and injury, so here’s all to be careful about.

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Facts about rectum and anus

  • The rectum is the lower part of the intestinal tract. It lies in the small pelvis and is at the rectum opening, anus, surrounded by two muscles of the muscles.
  • The rectum is about 10-15 cm long and the lower part is expanded (rectum ampoule). Here the stool is stored until it leaves the body via the anal canal and rectal opening.
  • The intestine bends below the hemisphere before it passes into the narrower anal channel (canalis analis), which is usually approx. 4 cm long. The anal canal has two powerful muscles of the esophagus (anus / buttocks).
  • One shutter can be controlled by the will, the other does not.
  • Anus is full of nerve threads and fine hair that makes it very sensitive.
  • The soft pink tissue around the opening swells like the vagina when you are horny, and since the bowel divides the wall with the vagina, touches in the back indirectly on the vagina, which in turn are poorly equipped with nerve threads.
  • Historically, anal sex has been used to keep the virgin intact and to prevent pregnancy, but the technique is not entirely trusted because sperm can drip from the anus to the vagina.

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