Casual sex can make you depressed

Having casual sex can be both magical and amazing, but if you continue in the same pattern for a long time, it may have a negative effect on you. Surveys show that a lot of casual sex can lead to depression, nervousness and social anxiety. And especially women.

It turns out that jumping in a bed with a number of casual partners can give you more than just sexually transmitted diseases. For example, it may cause you to be depressed. Young people who have casual sex are more likely to suffer from depression, according to a new study. Experts have found higher levels of general anxiety, social anxiety and depression among students who recently had sex with someone they knew for less than a week.

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Nervousness, social anxiety and depression

According to a survey conducted by The Journal of Sex Research, young people who have random sex have a greater risk of developing depression than others have.

The survey, involving 3900 students, showed that 11 percent of them had had random sex in the last month. In these individuals, researchers found higher levels of nervousness, social anxiety and depression. A possible reason why the risk of developing depression among these persons is greater, may be that they put more in the meeting than they had thought.

They really want to make it happen and get disappointed. Then they might try to convince themself that it was just sex. Living out of touch with their own deeper feelings over time is not very good. Researchers found that each additional casual sexual relationship increased the odds of suicidal thoughts by 18 percent. However they also found that although casual sex was linked to suicidal thoughts, it did not have any effect on depressive symptoms.

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Women react negatively

Casual sex is often quite bad sex – most of the time this applies especially to women. This is because it is much easier for most women to get orgasm with their regular partner than with a random one. You relax and are safe – and maybe not so drunk.

Causal sex mean one thing to one person, another to the next. It varies according to your age, your beliefs, your state of mind, on what your mates think, on whether the sex was earth-rockingly brilliant or life-wastingly bad, on whether you were really, genuinely up for it.

The people hooking up may have wanted a relationship deep down and therefore have been disappointed that they weren’t in one; they may have found their hookups unsatisfying or found themselves going further with someone than they really wanted to; or they may have been worried that their sexual activities would start to influence their reputations. The link between casual sex and mental health was found to be the same for both men and women according to the study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

In addition, women react differently to casual sex than men do. Surveys show that women react more negatively, regret and feel more used after casual sex than men do. But also men can feel it’s unsatisfactory. They sometimes also hope for something more.

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