Erectile dysfunction – a possible risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

Erectile dysfunction as a predictor of cardiovascular disease is indicated to be a known risk factor such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Earlier studies have shown that impotence, defined as erectile dysfunction, can be a strong warning of future cardiovascular disease, especially in men with type 2 diabetes.

The new meta-analysis, which includes data from more than 90,000 patients, reinforces the connection between erectile dysfunction and increased risk of cardiovascular events and death.

Indicator of future cardiovascular disease

The researchers state that patients with erectile dysfunction had 44 percent higher risk of cardiovascular events, and 25 percent higher risk of death for any reason, compared with people without erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction was also associated with 62 percent higher risk of heart attack and 39 percent increased risk of stroke. The authors therefore believe that erectile dysfunction should be included in the European Guidelines for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. The analysis shows that erectile dysfunction as an indicator or predictor for such future events is the size of known risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol

In total, the collective analysis included 14 studies, with more than 90,000 participants followed for over six years.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction may help

According to the authors, it may seem that medical treatment of erectile dysfunction may lower the risk of such events. Lifestyle changes that are made to improve erectile dysfunction may also prove beneficial to the prognosis of cardiovascular events and death. If so, erectile dysfunction may be considered a risk factor.

The risk of clinical events in patients with erectile dysfunction was higher than in smokers and at high cholesterol. The relative risk was highest in younger patients, and patients with middle risk, compared to those with high or low risk of cardiovascular disease.

40-50 times higher risk

Other studies indicate the difference in risk for different age groups. Are you in the 70’s and have erectile dysfunction, increases the risk of heart disease 1.4 times. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction when you are in the 40’s, the risk of heart disease is 40 to 50 times higher than if you do not have this problem. In a statement to Medscape, a researcher in this area tells about the effect that can cause erectile dysfunction if you do something about the risk factors: Weight loss patients and control of risk factors have the same effect as they would have if They took 25 mg with Viagra.

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