Erectile dysfunction and bicycle riding

Can you get erectile dysfunction from bicycle riding? According to studies, three hours of cycling a week will increase your risk of developing impotence. The phenomenon is called pudendus syndrome in the language of the profession. It is the pudendus nerve fibers in the pelvis’s lower part which is strained and irritated by the pressure. Everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction and bicycle riding, and how to avoid it.

Many men have experienced erectile dysfunction after a long bicycle ride. An recent study confirms this context. A total of 463 cyclists participated in the study. Each of them rode at least 32 miles on the bike. Of these, one in twenty participants became transient impotent and one in three marked impaired sensation in the abdomen. Most people recovered the potency after a few days and weeks.

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Most men sometimes have problems with the erection. This can happen for several reasons. When doctors talk about erectile dysfunction, also impotence, they mean that the erection is usually so weak that sex is not possible. In many men, erection problems are something physical. An injury, disease or hormone disorder can cause erectile dysfunction. Some medicines may cause erectile dysfunction. Feelings like fear, madness or lack of commitment also play a part. Stress and depression can cause erection problems.

The nerve fibers that control blood flow to the penis stop working when exposed to prolonged pressure. To reduce the load, there are made bicycle seats with holes in the center. However, in the survey, the cyclists who had such seats had more power problems than participants with regular seats.

It was also found that the sitting position was of importance. If you want to spare your abdomen, it pays to sit with the handle lower than the seat. By that way, it was discovered that those who used off-road bikes were more often affected by erectile dysfunction than those who rode on a regular street bike.

According to American researchers, three hours of cycling a week will increase your risk of developing impotence. Here you will find tips on how to keep cycling to work without hurting the junior.

If you ride a small seat and have the steering wheel too low it will increase the amount of injury, so to avoid impotence it would be advisable to invest in a bike with the right shape and setting. If the settings on the bike are not correct, increase the load on the pelvis and not on the seat. How far you drive each time and your weight will also be crucial.

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Cycling has documented the context of erectile dysfunction

The study was conducted by a research group at Boston University in the United States. Research leader Ricardo Munarriz has previously investigated cyclists’ weight distribution and blood circulation to the penis by placing riders on a seat with a variety of sensors to measure the pressure on the genitals. The study showed that as used tear-shaped seat, the oxygen supply to the penis decreased by up to 70-80% after three minutes on the bike. Several cyclists blocked the oxygen supply by as much as 100%.

According to Munarriz, the problem is that the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and the nerves in the area are squeezed when cycling. When a cyclist sits on a narrow seat or a seat bending forward, this will cause extra stress on the pelvis and squeezes the blood vessels that add oxygen to the penis. This can cause chronic pain, loss of feeling in the penis and increase the risk of developing impotence.

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Overweight increases your risk of erectile dysfunction

If you are a hobbyist who bought a bike to lose weight, it may lead to impotence later in life if you choose the wrong bike. Lack of experience with cycling, such as incorrect settings or strain during exercise makes it more likely that you will experience erection failure compared to a normal-bodied professional cyclist with the right equipment.

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Can you prevent erectile dysfunction?

With a little planning you can reduce the risk of damage to the genitals and the area around the penis. Adjust the settings on the seat to reduce pressure on the pelvis and penis. You can visit a bicycle mechanic for help adjusting your bike.

If you are overweight and bicycling a lot, the pressure on your pelvis will be higher, so combine cycling with other exercise to lose weight. Once you have reduced your weight, you can ride more as a part of your exercise regimen.

– Use a wide seat in the presence of a narrow seat to relieve the perineum; Area between penis and anus. Avoid seat with too much upholstery. A lot of padding will feel more comfortable, but will not make the load on your precious parts better.
– Raise the wheel on the bike so that you are standing upright. Adjust the seat height so your knees are slightly bent when you step down. Hold the seat at a horizontal angle. Never tilt the seat upwards – this increases the load.
– Use good cycling shorts, with a shield around the genitals.

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