Erectile dysfunction is often a lack of sexual desire

Many men with erection problems actually have sexual desire problems. In today’s medicine you can estimate men who come to a doctor with erectile dysfunction, there is a large proportion that really struggles with the sexual desire. There is no terms describing the lack of desire in men, and the theme is taboo, and not something that most men want to talk about.

According to myths and performances, the man will always want to have sex, and he will have an erection. In fact it`s becoming more and more common for men to turn to a doctor because of a lack of sexual desire. This may have to do with the fact that men have gradually become more open, and therefore more easily contact a doctor about this problem than before. Today’s demands on both men and women to make a maximum of several fronts, careers, children, friends and so on, bring little profit to sexuality – and to the desire.

Without desire – no erection

With all the erection drugs that have come to the market, make it easier for men to seek medical attention with their sexual problems. Many men who present erectile dysfunction, really have trouble with their sexual desire. Doctors must therefore make differential diagnoses, because erection drugs will help to get it up and stay hard, but you still will need sexual desire for it to work properly.

Men is not taught to define lack of desire in the same way as women. Instead of saying that they do not feel like they no longer want their wife or girlfriend, they say they have erection problems. It is, however, brilliant that we have received oral medications that help with the erection, as many men have such problems. Many men treat themself with a lot of them – and look at the erectile drugs as a good help.

If someone comes to the doctor with erectile dysfunction, They ask if they have diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or struggling with mental problems, such as depression. Then, many can respond that they feel healthy, but that they have a lot to do at work, have a hectic social life and children to be brought and brought to the nursery.

That a man is going to want sex all the time is a myth. Women’s sexual problems are, as they are presented, often related to the fact that they do not want it or do not get a orgasm, while men struggle to get an erection or have premature ejaculation.

It’s hard for a man to say to a woman “not today”. The link between masculinity and strength makes it more difficult for men to talk about being desperate or bored than women. Men say they are tired or that there is a lot to do at work.

Younger men without sexual desire

Young men down to the ages of 17-18 say they are having trouble and do not understand what is wrong. It is often found that they have a bad self-image. Through the media and in public, the human body is exposed more today than ever, and an ideal image of men’s bodies is often shown that is often not consistent with how men experience their own body. This can cause mental problems that can go beyond sexual desire.

Men also have menopause, although is not as clear as in women. Some men may have reduced testosterone levels in the blood during menopause, which may limit the sexual desire of the man. Therefore, measurement of testosterone at this age may be important; Because it can be treated. Also elevated prolactin levels may cause impaired libido. This is also something that physicians should keep in mind when men present sexual problems. Likewise, it is important to remember that many medications may have reduced sexual desire as a side effect.

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