Have you lost the passion in bed?

What is good sex? Do we have good enough sex? Do we have sex often enough? Is my partner happy with me? These are questions that appear in most couples from time to time. It’s no wonder when we are exposed to sex and body in the media every single day. The focus on performance is huge. Everything you need to know about getting your passion back in the bedroom.

There is no reason to have a performance anxiety in bed. Stay open with your partner if you are unsure if you are doing something wrong or if something worries you. It’s completely wrong to think of sex as another arena where we are going to be good. If we think of sex as a performance, it often follows that there is something we should, and must do. It is therefore easy to commit an evil duty that does not give us a sense of joy and happiness.

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Solution – Play and have fun

Sex is best when there is a game where we make it delicious for each other when we build up excitement and give and receive pleasure through sensory impressions. The focus on preformance makes little room for pleasure and presence.
Here you have to dare to tell your partner what you want, what you’re thinking about, what’s your thing. Be open to something new if it’s not something you feel is uncomfortable, be curious about your own and partner sexuality. Be present at the moment, enjoy what’s happening, look for what’s delicious, and what you get rid of, tips.

It’s hardly possible for some ladies to be together in a traditional way. Use some sex toys, do what’s delicious, so you’ll probably want more sex. Be playful and curious.

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When is the sex good?

Good sex is the ultimate way to communicate. Completely silent sex without body language or sounds can give performance anxiety. It has helped many people to speak more readily and free of what we like the partner to do. Please use examples and talk about the best sex you have had and why it is especially good. A common problem with couples is the question of what is actually good sex. What good sex for one person can be boring, hurt or unsatisfactory for another.

What is defined as good sex will vary according to what sexual preferences you have. For some, it’s good sex to get swaying whips on the buttocks. For others, good sex is only when they get ten orgasms. It’s a lot about where we are in life and what experiences we have had with us. The most important thing is to find a partner who has the same preferences, and find a match so that it becomes fun with sex.

People who are not satisfied with their sex life should take care of themselves. Take control, be offensive, but not hurt and complaine.

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How often do we have sex?

The eternal question of having sex often enough can rub in the head when the thought begins, and there are many good surveys on this. Couples have a sexual intercourse 1.6 times a week, one to two times a week. For some is only satisfied by having sex several times every day while others are happy if they have sex at all.

Statistics are statistics, and not the truth, so how often people have sex according to the statistics, It`s totally uninteresting. People are lying about how much sex they have. How often do you have or should have sex is not that interesting. The most important thing is to keep it regularly.

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Everyone has different appetites on sex, just as with food. No one expects the partner to eat just as much all the time. All couples have the most sex at the beginning of the relationship. In the beginning you’re always exited and want sex all the time. It is important to find a balance that both parties are satisfied with, whether it’s most days of the week or once a month. What the neighbor or friends do is not that interesting. It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters.

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