Having sex with period favors orgasms?

Having sex with period favors orgasms? Having period is not the most pleasant situation for a woman, but that does not justify that aura of concealment that has been generated about menstruation. There are still people who think that a woman can not have sex on the days she has the period! With this scenario it is not strange that the mere mention of sexual relations during menstruation causes chills to more than one. However, having sex with period favors orgasms and reduces pain. We do not say it, science says it.

The benefits of having sex with the period

It has happened more than once, sure. You just stayed at your house with that guy you already have a couple of dates with and he promises sex tonight. Dinner with candles for two, dim lighting, exciting music in the background and … surprise! Your period has come and your expectations of having an unforgettable sexual experience come down. Why? It’s time to forget prejudices because making love with period has its advantages.

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#1 Sex during menstruation reduces pain

If you have painful periods, you may use it as an excuse for having sex. These excuses are no longer useful because the science of having sex with period favors the orgasms discovered that a good orgasm is at the same time a good analgesic. No longer you have to wait for your period to pass to enjoy in bed with your partner, now you can use sex as a treatment for the pain of period.

2 Sex with period is more creative

Ok, let’s be honest. It is not only because of the cultural taboo about menstruation, it is that period is a nuisance, with sex and without sex. But this is not an impediment to enjoy a sex, since it is the perfect occasion to put imagination, creativity and get out of bed. How about sex in the shower so as not to stain the sheets?

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#3 Shorter periods thanks to sex

Would you like if your period last less? Well, you have the solution in sex. The contractions in the uterus when you have an orgasm make more blood come out at that time, true, but thanks to that moment you will have less blood left to expel and the rule will last less. Do you point it out as a perfect excuse to seek a sex with your partner in those days?

#4 Most pleasurable relationships with menstruation

If you have ever had problems with vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication, this problem will disappear during the period, as the blood acts as a natural lubricant. In addition, the vagina is more sensitive and you will discover more intense sensations during the penetration.

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#5 Sex with period favors orgasms

And we come to the highlight of the benefits of having sex during menstruation. Is it hard for you to reach orgasm? Well if you do it when you have period you will discover that the climax is closer than it seems. Are you going to give up a good orgasm because of a cultural prejudice of nothing?

#6 Sex with period makes you more sure of yourself

So far all the benefits we have described are focused on the physiological plane, but making love on the days that you have period is also positive for your emotional health. A woman who is not afraid of prejudices in bed is a confident woman, a free and empowered woman who knows how to enjoy her body without complexes and who is capable of living her sexuality fully.

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