How a quickie can be the best sex you`ve ever had

Can a quick one be the best sex you`ve ever had? Sex must not last for hours to make it good, sometimes a quick one can be best. Excitement and variation is good for sex life, the expert believes. Having great sex doesn’t have to take all night, but it also shouldn’t be something you squeeze into a commercial break during Shark Tank.

At the beginning of the relationship you spend a lot of time in the bedroom – and not necessarily to sleep. You are in love and desire each other at all times, and you take time. After all, nothing else would you either do.

But when the intense crush has subsided, and the weekends are in the majority, these long times in bed can soon happen less often. You simply do not find time or energy. But sex may not necessarily last for an hour or two to be good, And a quickie can be a good way to keep your sex life on track.

Having great sex doesn’t have to take all night, but it also shouldn’t be something you squeeze into a commercial break during . Sure, quickies are, well, quick, but they can also be insanely hot, remember-it-for-days hookups.

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Not only good for men

According to sex experts, it’s not so stupid to take a “quick one” sometimes. A quickie is better than nothing, and sometimes actually also the best. The idea of ​​love all night is delicious, but I think most people would like a good night’s sleep.

It’s easy to think that fast sex means it’s only the man who gets the pleasure, but does not have to be. If it only takes place on the man’s premises, it will be a bit boring. Both must be included. We are playing the same team. As a woman, we are a bit deceived from nature, and we must use it if it is like we do not have enough time, but want to have something for it.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy for us to go to goal as for a man, and therefore the boys often get better out of a quickie than women. Still, you can do this.
– For example, if you’re tired of not getting orgasm, do not worry. You can start first and warm up on your own. Masturbate in the shower and invite him when you are ready for something more. Or do the same in bed when you wait for him to come to bed.
– Otherwise, I would recommend everyone to have an efficient and delicious vibrator, because no heating or pretense is necessary. When you know that the orgasm is never far away, you will of course be motivated to have more sex, “she says.

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Variation is good for sex life

Quick sex can sometimes also be very exiting. Since this does not take hours, it also opens for opportunities to do it more often and in several different places. After all, it must not always be in bed. Sex in the shower, in the car or in the woods are just some of the many possibilities you have.

It works in the cabin, and in most places you are located. It’s something that silence is gold when you have to be quiet so no one hears if you’re not alone. The more sex you have, the more sex you feel like. Therefore, a quickie can actually help wake up the spark in a relationship again.

Variation is nevertheless the answer to a comfortable sex life, and how often you should be, it’s up to everyone. Quickie`s are great to relieve pressure, to reset the body, and to get a better mood. It’s like everyday food, and it’s the meals we have the most of. But both in the food and in sex life, we need something extra to enjoy ourselves on weekends and when we are free for a long time.

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