How important is sex for the relationship

Sex can be perceived as a requirement for women who already feel they give a lot in the relationship. You may not necessarily need to have intercourse so frequently to experience the intimacy many seek in a relationship. Lack of sexual interest and initiative is women’s most typical neglect syndrome in love life.

No, it’s not uncommon not to always want sex according to the experts. The pressure to perform at all levels of life may seem greater than ever. It’s about making the finest house, the newest car, be the best in school, have the most inspiring style and not least the “perfect” relationship – including the best sex, the wildest orgasms and a sex drive that is constantly on top.

Sex is important in a relationship

It is usually the men who are most frustrated over their sex life, but there is also a lot of women who are looking for more sex in the relationship.

We have no statistics on this, but among the couples seeking help with sex related problems in their relationship, it’s around 50/50. Many people think that it is usually the woman who had the least interest in sex, but the opposite is more true.

You may not necessarily have intercourse as frequently to experience the intimacy many seek in a relationship. Couples struggling with sex life should ask themselves what they can do instead of sexual intercourse, because there is much else that feels intimate and that can maintain the feeling of love in the relationship. Couples with sex problems, usually finds that there is something else behind the problems in their sex life.

How important is sex in a relationship?

Sex is the glue in any relationship, and sex is what she does with her boyfriend and not with friends. If the sex life does not work, there are many couples who will struggle, even if they have a good friendship. With that said, it`s clear that the term sex can include very much, not just intercourse.

Quite stereotypically, it is especially one main difference between men and women.

Men tend to be faster ready for sex, while women often needs a longer time to get horny. It’s not necessarily the foreplay before the actual gathering women need time, but rather to feel the intimacy you may need to be ready for sex. This is about flirting, feeling well-chosen and knowing that the partner wants you.

Feels like an abuse

Among most couples who seek help with their sex problems, sex drive is the most common problem. Generally speaking, this is a symptom that something else is also wrong in the relationship, so when a couple work on a problem with their sex drive, they work as much on a therapeutic basis. It does not help just talking about the sexual bit, its importatn to talk about everything from communication to work distribution at home.

Maybe it’s the partner who has to make the biggest changes by finding out what to do to make her boyfriend feel more sexual. The problem is usually much more complex than that one wants sex and the other does not. Just waiting for the sexiest happiness to come will probably not help. If the problem is deeper than the desire for sex, it can for your partner feel like an abuse.

Too many requirements

If you like to talk properly about the problems in your sex life, you have good opportunities to get help. Sex can be perceived as a requirement for women who already feel they give a lot. If the man says, You never want or we have too little sex, then the woman would feel exploited, not seen or recognized. A possible solution would then be to relieve the partner. Distribute your tasks at home and make sure to see your partner. If the issues are too big, We recommend seeking help so that a third party can guide you a little. Don`t wait too long to seek help.

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