How to give a woman perfect oral sex

Do you want to know how to make a woman crazy in bed with oral sex? Many people unfortunately think that the way to be good at oral sex, is to use the same technique on every single lady you meet. And at the same time be to hard on the clitoris. It does not work and may be the two biggest mistakes you can make in bed. Everything you need to know about giving a woman perfect oral sex.

Each woman, each art. It may sound challenging, but in order to have good sex and special oral sex, it actually requires some work from you. Not only “do it”, you must be present and go in to make sure you really do your best to satisfy the lady. And the same goes for the ladies, too, but that’s another matter.

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Key to success with oral sex

The key to success is really quite easy. Show that you like it. Show that you love the woman’s body and that her vagina is the most beautiful you can look at, smell and taste. Then you are already on your way. The next point that is very important is that you have to give yourself and her plenty of time to enjoy it, not stress giving her an orgasm.

We started this article by writing that the biggest mistake is usually that you have a plan on how to do oral sex and do the same to all the ladies you meet.

It can of course work, but if you really want to be good, take your time to get to know her body and find out what she likes. We are all different downstairs, and it is important to know the woman’s anatomy, use her eyes and her hands to get to know her.

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This is how you give a woman a oral sex orgasm

It’s about doing a good hand-and-mouth work and doing it with love and sensitivity. Then she will easily open up, feel safe and relax completely. And it’s absolutely necessary for her to fully enjoy it. Being comfortable is important, and one of the best positions is where she is lying on the bed and the man is on his knees. Then he does not charge his neck as much and holds her at the same time at a nice height and both hands free.

The easiest way to get a woman to get orgasm is to stimulate clitoris. Everyone has thought about it, but I think many men think too much about this and focus only on clitoris. And it hurts very badly if its done wrong. Clitoris consists of many thousands of nerves and is extremely sensitive so never start directly on the clitoris, it becomes too hard and sensitive.

Start caressing her entire body and move slowly downwards. Kiss her on the inside of your thighs, on the sex lips and spend some time. There are many tongue movements you can do; up and down movements, circular movements, underneath and upper of the tongue ..

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Stimulate around the clitoris

It’s just as good to be stimulated over, under or next to the clitoris than straight on, many ladies are also incredibly sensitive there and do not like direct touch since it becomes too sensitive. Therefore, feel forward and listen to how her body responds and accept what you do. Listen to how her breath is and what signals she sends out and are you in doubt, so does not actually matter if you ask either. If she wants you to make it harder or softer, you will be guided without it being perceived that you are making a mistake.

When she’s really horny, you can take one or two fingers slowly into her and massage her G-point while licking. If she is not wet enough use spit or lubricant before doing so. It’s important that you always use plenty of spit so she’s wet and a soft tongue so it’s not getting too hard. When you notice she’s just about to come, keep right where you are and keep the movement you’re doing, but even more powerful. When she has an orgasm, remove the tongue from the clitoris as it is extra sensitive and kisses her elsewhere on the body.

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