How to keep your vagina fresh

Do you struggle with fungus, itching, irritation or urinary tract infection? This can be easily prevented by being extra careful with a few things. Tips that can save you a lot of problems down there. Everything you need to know about how to keep your vagina fresh.

Are you one of those who often suffer from problems down there, such as soreness, discharge, fungal or urinary tract infection? It is very common for women to experience this from time to time, but fortunately there are a number of good tips and tricks that can easily prevent these plagues.

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Avoid dry yourself sick

Have you ever thought about how to dry yourself after having being to the bathroom? Well, you should, for which way you do it can make a big difference to your health.

As you may know, it is recommended that you should dry backwards and not forwards after being to the toilet. The reason that this is important is that drying forwards can transport bacteria from the rectum to the urinary opening, resulting in a urinary tract infection, which occurs when intestinal bacteria find their way into the urethra.

Bacteria can also enter the vagina and create a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis. The clearest symptom is greenish discharge that smells very special, some comparing the smell to rotten fish. A normal discharge should be without lumps, becomes white or yellowish white when it comes into contact with oxygen and smells fresh and acidic.

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Wash down there with water

Are you one of those who use expensive products in good faith to make your vagina look and smell good? According to experts, it is equally effective to use clean water. The body itself is designed to be self-cleaning, so most areas only really need to be washed with some water. This also applies to the area around the genitals, where both women and men have mucous membranes that are a different type of surface than skin.

The mucous membranes are very vulnerable and are not really created for chemical influences. You should be careful about using soap generally on the mucous membranes because they can dry out, get irritated and hurt – and it will only create problems for yourself.

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Always pee after sex

Sex is actually one of the common causes of women getting urinary tract infection, and according to an article on, nearly 80 percent of all urinary tract infections occur in young women within 24 hours of sexual intercourse.

The increased risk of urinary tract infection (UVI) in women by intercourse is due to the anatomical conditions; With a short distance between the vagina, urethra and anus. Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria enter the urinary bladder, and with these short distances, the bacteria have a shorter pathway to travel.

It is therefore a good rule to pee right after intercourse. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that the bacteria reach the bladder. Bacteria thrive well in body heat urine, so the conditions make it possible for them to multiply and create an infection.

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Use cotton underwear

If you occasionally suffer from recurrent fungus or other infections, it may be a good idea to replace your regular underwear in favor of cotton-based. The reason for this is that cotton is a 100 percent natural substance that breathes much better than the synthetic fabrics. Underwear that has good air circulation keeps you dry down there, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth.

In addition, if you are often irritated down there, wash your underwear with a mildly unsightly detergent, as well as avoid tight clothing that keeps moisture tight.

Eat for a healthy vagina

If you often experience fungal layers, it may be an idea to eat a little more yogurt, and preferably natural. Yoghurt contains the good lactic acid bacteria that help keep bacteria in the digestive tract and vagina at bay.

If you repeatedly experience this you can prevent this by drinking a lot of fluid in the form of water or acidic fluids like orange juice and cranberry juice. Eating cranberries can also prevent infections. Similarly, pineapple, containing an antibacterial enzyme.

Another problem many women suffer from are vaginal dryness. If you experience this, it may be worth trying to eat soya products. Soya contains a form of estrogen that can help the moisture production in the vagina. The simplest way is to buy soya milk and use it in coffee or over the cereal.

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Other tips for a healthy vagina:

  • Avoid panty liners as they inhibit air intake and may cause irritation
  • Change the tampon frequently
  • Remember to dry your vagina well after washing yourself
  • Avoid going for a long time in wet swimwear

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