How to last longer in bed

Do you want to learn how to last longer in bed? The average time spent on a sexual intercourse is about 5-10 minutes, so now you might wonder how to be able to spend an entire hour with your lady in bed? Everything you need to know about how to last longer in bed.

Girls are not so demanding when it comes to time and sex, as long as they are satisfied. An hour may be far too much, but now and then it is very good to spend time enjoying each other in bed. Therefore, follow our best tips so that you and your partner can enjoy have long lasting sex.

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The start and stop method to last longer in bed

Many of you wonder how to get better stamina and manage to have intercourse longer than a couple of minutes. It’s actually not an impossibility, and there are a number of tricks you can try.

One is the start / stop method. This is something you must do many times before you notice improvement, but it is effective; first you will masturbate until you almost come. Then you stop and hug your fingers on the pencil and hold for about 10 seconds. Wait for about 30 seconds before continuing to masturbate. When the orgasm reappears, squeeze the underside of the pencil again and wait until you have calmed down. This has to be repeated several times before you leave the orgasm. In order to mark fastest progress, you should work on this anytime every day. It will give you much better control over your orgasm and you will be able to last as long as you want in bed. Just remember to tell your partner what you’re doing!

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Foreplay to last longer in bed

Foreplay is important to satisfy your woman before starting with sexual intercourse, and for good reason. Most girls get an orgasm easier with oral sex than the actual sexual intercourse, so make sure she has got an orgasm at least before you really start.

Now that you are going to have sex for a long time, it goes without saying that a long foreplay is in place. The best part is to start early with, for example, a dinner and some wine to build up the sexual mood between you. The longer you celebrate her, the more she will give back to you. So even if you have to do a lot of the job in advance, you also win with a long foreplay.

Kissing is often something men forget and that most of the girls likes very much. Start kissing her slowly and tenderly, before gradually turning to a bit rough and harder kissing. Bite her easily in her lips and kiss her on her neck. Find her erogenous special places that is important to make her extra horny, and kiss them slowly. The places on the women body that have very soft skin, are also the ones that are most sensitive.

Massage is a classic and something everyone appreciates and it is also very good as part of the foreplay. Being relaxed is important for having good sex, so give her a massage (not too hard) that makes her calm and ready for more. Here is oil very important, so be clear. The oil makes the touches even more sensitive and feels much better so this is a must!

Oil is something you need for a good massage, but it may also be good to buy a lubricant. The lubricant reduces friction and will not make her wound down while increasing sensitivity.

Once you have both been satisfied enough, you can finally go over to having sex. To last as long as possible, take a rest and vary the positions. If you notice that your orgasm is approaching and you will last longer, then you’ll be waiting for you to calm down. Also, switch to a new position. This will make you last longer, so do not hesitate to switch.

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Last longer in bed with sex Toys

Toys for adults are an exciting thing to explore. It gives you a little break between the strokes, while at the same time the partner is satisfied. All girls should be in possession of a vibrator and we can almost guarantee you that your girlfriend has one to. If you want to surprise her with something new do not hesitate.

If you are unsure what to buy then we recommend buying something that looks elegant and nothing that’s too bad. You can either buy it together, so you know she’s in the game.

If the orgasm is approaching and you can not last longer, then it’s fine. Let the orgasm come and relax with some cold drink. If you need some time before you finish a new round, you can always start with your partner, and then you go back to oral sex and / or toys.

Most importantly, this should be a delicious for you and your partner, so even though we have written some tips here that you can follow, it’s always best to do your personal favorites, whether it’s in foreplay or intercourse. Everyone has their own tricks to get us and the partner in the right mood, and you know what you like best and what works for yourself, so focus on this.

Communicate with each other through words and body language. Your partner appreciates that you provide feedback and it is easy to show that you enjoy it.

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