How to relieve pain and discomfort caused by menstruation

Looking for tips to reduce pain during menstruation? Need to relieve discomfort caused by menstruation period? When a woman has the period, in addition to having a different vaginal discharge and cramps, she may also feel vaginal pain. The outer and lower lips of the vagina can hurt a lot to create even discomfort when sitting or walking. The pain in the vagina while you have the period is quite common, but to relieve pain you should know some tips that will surely come useful. Reduce discomfort in menstruation!

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How to relieve vaginal pain in menstruation

  • #1 Bath with warm water. Do not change your normal shower routine when you have your period, but you can add a bath with hot water to relieve vaginal pain and also have a clean vagina. Hygiene when you have your period is even more important than normal.
  • #2 Careful with soaps. When you bathe or wash your vagina do not use strong intimate soaps or perfumes because you could irritate your vagina. It is better to wash your vagina with your own hands and with smooth and circular movements.
  • #3 Change your pads and tampons frequently. If you change your pads or your tampons frequently – at least every four or six hours – you can keep your vagina cleaner and drier and avoid topical pains.
  • #4 Use the menstrual cup. Although its use is not yet widespread, menstrual cup in addition to being comfortable can help you avoid vaginal pain during the period. So the rubbing of the compresses in your vagina will not cause irritation -because you will not take anything but the cup and a panty liner- and you will enjoy a healthier vagina.
  • #5 Medicaments. If the pain of your vagina does not calm down with anything, then you can choose to take some anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and discomfort. But if you notice that it hurts a lot or even distorts your normal rhythm of life, then go to your doctor to assess what exactly happens to you.

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