Impotence Caused by Bike Cycling

Does bike cycling cause impotence? Professional bikers have noticed that cycling is related to impotence, and even some medical professionals pointed out that impotence in cyclists is a four times bigger risk than in other men.

Biking is one of the healthiest physical activities in existence. Its advantages are considerable: it is not aggressive for the physicist, it can be done outdoors and indoors (with static bikes), it can be practiced as a group or alone, and you can use it as a transport.

However, it seems that there is an aspect with bike cycling that is not that good for men or women, the sex life. For many years there has been the belief that the bicycle seat could cause erection problems or impotence.

  • Exercising is positive for our health, but excess has negative consequences. In the case of cycling the damage can be at the most intimate area.

  • Some of these ideas have been investigated and it has been concluded that there is such a risk. These discomforts affect both sexes, although in different ways. On the one hand in the case of men yes it has been shown that the practice decreases erectile function. On the other hand, women have concluded that there is a high risk of losing sensitivity in the genital area, a fact that influences sexual pleasure.

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    The abuse of sport is never positive and has negative effects on our health. The results indicate that these anomalies usually show after a prolonged exercise, something more of the professional than of the amateur cycling.

    Anyway, if cycling is your hobby, or you want to start in this world, and you do not want to take risks, following a couple of tips will prevent this healthy hobby to influence your sex life in a negative way. The first of these is common sense, all physical activity should be practiced regularly, but with restraint. It is much healthier to practice for a few days a week than to do great efforts just ones. 

    It is important to note that the evaluated cyclists spent six or more hours on their bicycles, so these findings would not apply to those who use the bicycle less intensively.

    A study carried out in the United States seems to be giving reason to theories that relate cycling with impotence. This is an investigation carried out with several biker policemen from Long Beach, California, who reported complaining of feelings of numbness and experiencing certain erectile dysfunctions.

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    However, the study cited showed that 93 percent of these cyclist policemen noted that they had a sensation of numbness in their genitals. Similarly, 27 percent of them had erections during sleep, which was noticeably less compared to 43 percent of the non-police who experienced them.

    As explained by those responsible for the study, the problem has to do simply with physics. It happens when a man sits on a chair, the entire weight of his body is distributed over a wide area of ​​it. But when doing it on a bike, this same weight is distributed in a much smaller area, which generates a greater pressure, which five times or six times the previous one, on the genitals.

    Although it is one of the most conclusive, this study is not the first one that is done to verify the relation between cycling and impotence. Some years ago, in 1997, there had been another on cyclists who ran a race of hundreds of miles, where it was discovered that 13 percent of the participants had some type of temporary erectile dysfunction.

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    Bicycle enthusiasts who fear that cycling actually generates impotence, can resort to new seats designed to better distribute body weight and avoid this problem. These seats, from different types and manufacturers, range from the ergonomic ones that take into account the body structure of the users, to the seats without point and “double width” (or divided in two) to better distribute the body weight.

    What can you do to prevent injuries to your penis without having to leave your bike?

  • Adjust the height of the handlebar and the seat so that you can adopt a posture that reduces the pressure on your perineum.
  • Uses padded seats.
  • Wear padded shorts and decrease the time you spend riding your bike.
  • Take frequent breaks, getting off the bike and walking a little before reassembling. This will cause blood to flow through the vessels in and around your penis.
  • Apply daily in your penis a special cream that contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to improve the circulation to the penis and keep it healthy.
  • Vitamins A and B are known to improve circulation by increasing blood flow to the virile member and vitamin E improves your delicate skin.

  • L-arginine is an enzyme that increases blood flow in the perineum and penis and also benefits the blood vessels and capillaries of the whistle.

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