Impotent or not?

Is the junior failing you when it really counts? If you still have a morning erection there is no reason to worry. Young men also struggle to get the junior to perform, but often there are mental disorders and not the impotence that is the cause.

Although erection failure and impotence are primarily a problem that affects older people, young men may also experience junior failure. Often, then, there will be psychological reasons that you are not dealing with the right way.

When do you have a problem?

Erection failure should occur in at least 25 percent of situations where erection is desirable before it can be defined as a problem. You really do not talk about impotence. If the cause is psychic, you will be able to get an erection on your own. Impotence and erection failure are not really the same. Erection failure just says something about the ability to get an erection.

Performance anxiety?

Especially for younger men, both performance anxiety and previous bad sexual experiences can lead to erection failure. Maybe you’re just a little too stressed. Perhaps you have unrealistic expectations, feel guilty and ashamed of your sexuality. The fear of having a problem will in many cases make the problem even bigger, because many men experience erection failure as threatening in relation to their masculinity.

Any morning erection is the most sure indicator of whether something is wrong or not. And as the man experiences the problem, the wife or girlfriend will also notice the problems. Simply because the man avoids seeking sexual situations.

Hormonal disorders

But the psyche is not the only possible cause. In addition to those who experience the psyche’s ability to perform, one still has a group of three to four percent of all men. These are men who go into adulthood with hormonal disturbances or injuries that cause them to not get a erection.

Can not do it

While older men feel that their sex act get shorter because the penis does not stay stiff long enough, it will be a harder time for the younger man when the penis does not get stiff at all. Possibly it gets a bit stiff but not stiff enough. If the cause is performance anxiety or bad experience, usually a loving hand will help the situation. The more you stress, the less you get. Unfortunately, erection problems are still a bit taboo, which makes it more difficult to get the help you can get.

Depression and anxiety can also lead to erection failure, and the same can be drug and substance abuse. Anabolic steroids will also cause problems with erection, and in these cases the problem is more lasting. This is because you do not get a morning erection.

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