Intimate hygiene before and after sex

Intimate hygiene before and after sex. Good hygiene is essential when it comes to sex with the couple. Both men and women should be aware that cleaning the vagina or genitals systematically and routinely is very important. Before carrying out the sexual act, it is convenient to carry out an intimate cleaning. In any case, this practice is not mandatory since there are people who prefer to feel the intimate smell before that of the soap that has been used for hygiene. In this way, it is convenient to talk about the subject with the couple and thus to correct the method to follow.

Before the sexual act it is also important to clean the anal area, outside the genital area, in addition to the hands and the teeth since in the preliminary games these are put in contact with the genitals.

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Intimate hygiene after sex

Once intercourse has arrived, it is not considered essential to cleanse the intimate parts again. Sexologists usually recommend that the couple dedicate the moments after the sexual act to stay in bed embraced and caressing before one of the two disappears towards the sink.

Being unwashed is not unhealthy because the sperm is sterile and any woman can spend an entire night with this substance on the vulva or on the buttocks. The man, on the other hand, can also remain calm since the bacteria that come from the vagina do not harm the male sex. Intimate hygiene is necessary in cases of mycosis or sensitive skin, or if the doctor recommends it, but in general you can spend a night without having to do an intimate cleansing after the sexual act.

One of the cases that generates the most doubts is that of the sexual act during menstruation. In this situation there is no danger of infection, if neither of the two people has AIDS, but it is preferable to quickly cleanse after the act since blood is a favorable medium for the development of microbes.

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