Is Sex Healthy In The Morning

Is sex healthy in the morning? Having sex in the morning, before coffee, routines, and fast pacing, is a great choice. Each person – is one world, and therefore, the time preference for having sex depends on the person: what time, the mood and the specific responses of each organism.

However, the early hours of the day gives certain benefits according to the opinion of experts in the field. Sexologist Brigitt Baena stated in an article in the newspaper Latest News: although one can not fall into the reductionism of saying “it is better in the morning”, it is the moment of the day where the man is at his maximum when it comes to testosterone.

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Morning sex has many benefits

That is the reason for the spontaneous erections that usually wake us up during the first hours of the day and that would allow us more resistance and energy to please that person with whom we share the bed with.

A good and satisfying session of sex in the morning is equivalent, according to Dr. Baena, to exercise: it makes you release endorphins and activates the metabolism. That translates into greater caloric expenditure during the day and greater energy to meet daily obligations.

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Sexologists recommend that the morning sex to be brief, since, as a general rule, we have to get going and get out of bed at some point. But there lies the attraction: knowing that it has to be brief, but intense, gives added value that does not have sex at other times, and is more like a casual encounter or an adventure.

The recommendation is not to give excessive importance to the moment of orgasm, but to contemplate this encounter as a game of erotic connection with the other person.

The disadvantage of the night is that we come with the accumulation of tiredness of the whole day. However, it is the most common time for the sexual encounter of stable couples, more if they have children and countless obligations inside and outside the home. The problem is when fatigue overcomes us and we skip sex to have more hours of sleep.

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But Dr. Baena points out an important point: the most important thing is not to be rushed, stressed not tired the moment we decide to give free rein to our sexual pleasure. These elements will always prevent us from having a good time.

“The best time to have sex is in the morning, because increasing testosterone levels in men produces greater sexual desire. In addition, women become more attractive by increasing estrogen. There is more energy, endurance, and blood circulation improves at night”, says experts.

7 reasons why sex is recommended in the morning:

  • 1. Say goodbye to depression and stress: The academic journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” showed that women who have relationships in the morning suffer from fewer depressions and have a more active sex life.
  • 2. Help control pain: It helps you to improve those constant headaches that you can have, in addition to improving the discomfort of back, legs, and other pains.
  • 3. Strengthen the bonds with your partner: Clearly start the day with absolute love and pleasure will guide you further strengthen the bonds with your partner. They are instances that are not exploited day by day, that is why they are so important to resume.
  • 4. Improves the mood: “Sex releases endorphins that make us feel good, improve self-esteem, is a powerful analgesic, is a great tool to relax and rest at night and also allows you to strengthen ties with your partner,” says the expert.
  • 5. Active senses: We are more conscious and our senses of the body are activated throughout the day.
  • 6. Intimate moments and not so animals: It is an instance that generates an intimacy more connected with the other than a more animal, generating a space of pleasure different from what, perhaps, we are accustomed to carry.
  • 7. It reduces risk of heart attacks: “Sex activates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack.

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