Kegel Exercises and Premature Ejaculation

A Kegel Exercise routine for men is very effective for treating sexual problems such as Premature Ejaculation and improving overall sexual health. In addition, it also brings health benefits to the urinary tract by strengthening the pelvic muscles and prostate.

These types of exercises are increasingly used in both men and women, and their main function is to exercise the pubocoxygeus muscle, located on the floor of the pelvis. It is by strengthening this muscle that you get all the benefits of this practice and the results are more than evident. If you want to experience its advantages, in this article we explain how to do Kegel exercises for men step by step.

Read more to learn all about kegel exercises for men. What are they? How do i do them? How often should i do them? Will the Kegel help me to be multi orgasmic? And much more …

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What are Kegel exercises for men?

Kegels exercises were discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s to help women get a tighter vagina after childbirth. Performing kegel exercises for men is a very good way to improve your overall health, hardness of your penis and your ability to last longer in bed. Kegels, as for women, aim to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, or what is known as the Pubocoxygeus Muscle (PC).

This muscle is very similar in women and men, and wraps the tail bone to the pubic bone creating a kind of hammock composed of muscle tissue. Kegel exercises for men are different from any type of penis enlargement exercise since it directly contracts and hardens the pelvic floor muscles.

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What are the benefits with Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are equally beneficial for men wanting to improve their sex life, as for women. One of the main reasons men ignore this exercise is because it does not help them to enlarge their penis directly. However, kegel exercises for men, have many other benefits, many of them can help cure problems and / or help indirectly with penis growth. Among these benefits are:

  • Best erection measured among other things by the angle it has to the abdomen. The more pointed upward the better Kegels-benefits.
  • Kegels will help you have steel erections that will last longer thanks to improved blood flow in your penis.
  • Kegels will help make your ejaculation stronger and more volument, giving you the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had.
  • Kegels will help you indirectly with the growth of your penis by improving your blood supply.
  • Kegels will help you control your orgasm, providing you with more sexual stamina.
  • Kegels can cure urinary incontinence, as these same muscles help you control your bladder.
  • Many men have reported after the exercises that they no longer need, as before, get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
  • Kegels can help you have a healthier prostate and are part of the treatment when symptoms such as pain and inflammation of the prostate.

  • Many doctors and sex experts refer to kegel exercises for men as exercise number 1 thanks to all the benefits it offers. And it is true, with all the benefits mentioned, every man should consider including them in his daily life

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    How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men?

    Kegels are a great exercise for several reasons. Not only do they have all the benefits already mentioned above, but they are also easy to do and you can do them anywhere. People will not even know you’re doing them.
    #1 Locate the pelvic floor muscles: Finding the PC muscle is easy. The next time you go to urinate, it stops or slows down the flow of urine. The muscles you use to achieve this are the PC muscle. You should not tighten your legs, abdomen or buttocks, but you should focus on mobilizing the pelvic floor up. Very important: Continue breathing while contracting the pelvic floor. If you are able to stop or slow down the flow of urine you have successfully located and contracted the pelvic floor muscles. Keep in mind that they are the same muscles you use to tighten the anus.

    #2 Contract your pelvic floor muscles: When you are ready to perform Kegel exercises, the first thing you will have to do is contract the pelvic floor muscles.

    #3 Keep the contraction: Keep the contraction as much as you can. Most men can not hold a kegel for more than two seconds. There are others who will not even be able to keep it. Okay do not worry! For that are the exercises for the penis – to make you stronger. Make a mental note for how long you can keep it.

    #4 Loosen the contraction and repeat: Loosen the contraction and repeat. Do 10 repetitions. Increase the intensity gradually until you can maintain each contraction for 10 seconds.

    When you perform the exercise correctly you should be able to feel your testicles rise slightly. This may take time for some men. But if you practice this routine regularly you should notice an improvement in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in 4-6 weeks.

    Best of all, Kegel does not need you to use your hands or legs. You can do them anywhere, anytime – whether you’re in the car, watching TV, lining up at a supermarket or even while you’re at work.

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    How Often Should i do Kegel Exercises For Men?

    As with any other type of exercise, it is best to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Here we offer you our recommendations for the kegel exercises:

    During the first weeks: Make 50 Kegels every other day. Each contraction should last from one to five seconds depending on the strength of your PC muscle. The first time you perform the Kegel you can not last more than a second or two. As you gain experience, your PC muscle will become stronger and you can do more.

    Over time: Gradually incorporate kegel exercises into your routine: 5-10 minutes, 4 days a week. This should be very easy as you can do kegel exercises for men anywhere and anytime. For example, many men who want to enlarge their penis do so when they go to work in the morning. Over time add more intensity, holding the contraction as long as possible.

    Can i become multi-orgasmic with Kegel exercises?

    Yes! Kegel Exercises can help you become a multi orgasmic man. Once you have gained strength in your PC muscles, you will have the ability to slow down your ejaculation. To achieve this you will need to maintain a strong contraction for at least 10 seconds. Once you do, try the following to last longer in bed:

  • Do the kegel before you reach the “point of no return” – that point where ejaculation is inevitable.
  • Hold the contraction for about 10 seconds or more.
  • After the urge to ejaculate has dissipated, release the Kegel.
  • The hard thing is to make your PC muscles so strong that they can withstand the pressure of the ejaculation. This process is very difficult and can take you from a few months to even years.

  • Many men have also reported difficulty knowing exactly when to do them. This requires a lot of practice and patience … but believe me it’s worth it.

    Kegel Exercises For Men – Tips

    – Kegels for penis enlargement: Performing Kegels while doing the jelquing, stretching or doing some other exercise for enlargement will facilitate greater blood flow to your penis. You will increase the effectiveness of the exercises. When you play the trick to the Kegels, begin to incorporate them while doing the other exercises of enlargement.

    – The Kegels are not only for men: Both men and women have big benefits with Kegels exercises. Teach your partner how to make them and add more pleasure to your sex life. If a woman squeezes her PC muscle during (kegel) intercourse, you will feel her vagina tighter, which will increase your pleasure.

    – Kegels Exercises and Premature Ejaculation: During the first few weeks of Kegels, many men feel they ejaculate faster than normal. If this is your case, remember to relax your PC muscle during sex. Many men who know for the first time about the Kegels begin to contract it unconsciously throughout the day leaving the muscles of the pelvic floor fatigued. This side effect will go away after a few weeks, then you can last longer in bed once you become aware of it (unconscious contractions that leave the fatigued PC muscle). The stronger your PC muscle, the easier it will be to slow down your ejaculation.

    Is it possible overtraining with Kegel exercises?

    As with penis enlargement techniques, you should avoid overtraining.

    It can be tempting to do them as long as you can so you can see results faster. However, this is usually counterproductive.

    A bodybuilder who overtrains his muscle ends up injuring himself which prevents him from continuing to train. With the kegel exercises for men the same happens. If you do it to much you will be doing more harm than good. Listen to your body. Give it time to recover. Without hurry and with persistence, only this way you will be able to reach all the incredible benefits of this exercise.

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