Lifelong joy of sex

You will never be too old to enjoy sex and love. A healthy sex life can have a positive impact on all aspects of your life, including your physical health and self-esteem. You will never be so old that you will not be able to fill the needs of intimate love, devotion and emotional proximity. Perhaps no sex is so important to you anymore, and you choose to leave it. What matters is that you have a choice and you can choose what suits you best.

More than physical satisfaction

According to an article in the Danish Medical Journal, where information was collected about the sexuality of 122 randomly selected Danish 60-year-old women, half of these women had sexual desire monthly or more often. As many people had intercourse monthly or more often. The authors of the study pointed out that women had been able to develop and maintain their sex life in line with the sexual norm glide that has taken place in their adulthood, despite prejudice to the elderly’s desire and sexual appearance.

The women’s description of a good sexual experience is that it is more than just physical satisfaction. Good time, setting up a mood, of closeness, a long prelude and humor were important factors for a good sexual experience.

A similar article, also in the Journal of Doctors, about the sexual life of Danish 60-year-olds, showed that about half of the men in the study wanted sex weekly or more often. A little over half had intercourse once a month or more. Two thirds mistreated, and two thirds were satisfied with their current sex life. Like the women, they described a good sexual experience as more than just a satisfaction of a physical need.

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Try new positions and techniques

Other studies show that better health is the answer most often comes when asked what could have given a better sex life. For illness, drug side effects, hormonal changes and pain can harm the sexual function and desire of old age, despite the desire to still have a sex life.

Physical changes in the body can cause sex to become more difficult – then there is a good reason to try new positions and techniques.

Common physical changes in women as they grow older are that it will take longer for the vagina to become moist and ready for sexual intercourse when you are sexually excited. In addition, the vagina loses elasticity, which can cause a sexual intercourse to become less comfortable. The skin may feel more irritable and delicate, which may cause skin contact to be less comfortable than when you were younger. Orgasms may also be shorter than before, and the contraction of orgasm may be unpleasant. But remember, not everyone is experiencing such problems.

Talk to your doctor about sex

It is common that it takes more time to get a erection when you get older and that the erection is not as hard as before and does not last for as long. Try different positions, it can make it easier to insert a penis. If you have problems with erection or orgasm, talk to your doctor. The doctor may suggest aids such as penispumps or medication. Sildenafil (Viagra®) works locally. The recommended dose is 50 mg taken as needed approx. 1 hour before sexual activity. The dose may be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg. Effect requires sexual stimulation and the medicine works for approx. 3 hours. Note. Such medicine should not be used by patients who use nitroglycerin or have unstable coronary disease.

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For women who suffer from dry skin, it may help with, for example, lubricant, estrogen cream, a hormone-free agent (eg Repadina Plus) or longer foreplay. Having a good time when you have sex and talking to your partner are other good tips.

If you are ashamed of your sexual needs, this may cause you to not get excited. Too many concerns and performance anxiety are other factors that can kill both the desire and the potency.

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Partners often have to negotiate

Some choose to continue with sex in old age, while others choose to leave it part of the past. Often partners must negotiate, because it is not necessarily that both parties have the same needs. Whatever you choose, do not be afraid to address the topic with your doctor. Perhaps such a conversation can help you access resources, medication or security enough to still enjoy your sexuality for many years to come.

For those who get new partners, it’s important to remember that sexually transmitted diseases are not reserved for the young ones – use condoms!

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