Orgasm in women

A woman’s orgasm lasts on average for 20 seconds, but it can last a lot longer. Orgasm can be very different and varying in intensity. Some are powerful, while others experience more like small blaff. Everything you need to know about orgasm in women.

When a woman gets horny, clitoris and vulva fill with blood and swell up. At the same time the vagina becomes moist. The clitoris is a variety of receptors that respond to motion, and when activated, flow pulses pass through a nerve bundle toward the spinal column. After a certain amount of stimulation, the orgasm is triggered. It is most common to get orgasm when stimulating clitoris, but that some also get what is called vaginal orgasm.

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The G-spots role in women orgasm

Another phenomenon that is often talked about in connection with female orgasm is the so-called G-spot. Many believe that women have an area of ​​nerve fibers within the entrance of the vagina that is extra sensitive to touch and stimulation. Others believe it’s the inner part of the clitoris that is being stimulated.

Others again believe that there are residues of prostate tissue around the urethra, and that this tissue may be sensitive to stimuli, and in some may be known as female ejaculation or sputum thrombosis. We know, however, little about how many women are experiencing this as little research is done in the area.

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More orgasms

The woman’s orgasm occurs by the muscles of the uterus, sheath, around the anus and the pelvis, getting rhythmic contraction. Unlike men, some women can also achieve a new orgasm just afterwards, which makes it possible to get multi-organisms. During the orgasm, much dopamine is eliminated, which is a substance that gives a strong sense of well-being and is quite addictive. Therefore, we would like to experience orgasm often. In addition, a substance called oxytocin, which makes us feel love and affiliation with another, is differentiated.

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Release yourself

However, it’s not just the technical thing that will be in place for you to get orgasm. If a woman is to be able to get orgasm, she must be horny and remove control needs. She must also be able to get rid of. It is also an advantage if you know your own ignition and actively use fantasies, taste, odor and vision.

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Touch yourself

Knowing your own ignition is about teaching what you think is good and how you get bored. This is found among other things by masturbation and by touching the entire body and its erogenous zones. You can also use the imagination, read erotic texts or watch erotic movies and use this actively to be properly sexual exited. And keep in mind that orgasm can be very different and varying in intensity. Some are powerful, while others experience more like little blaff.

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Uncertain function

But why do we really have orgasm? Does the orgasm have any function – beyond giving pleasure? Several of my clients do not think they get an orgasm, but then they actually do it, it’s just not that powerful. From an evolutionary perspective, the function is about whether it increases reproductive success. Experts, however, disagree if the orgasm is selected by the evolutionary process. To explain this, it is advisable to think of men’s nipples.

The nipples of men are found simply because they must be found in women, because women and men have basically the same body before gender differentiation. The biological foundation structures must therefore be found in all fetuses. Despite this, it is not thought that men’s nipples have any evolutionary, biological function. Nipples of both sexes are homologous structures.

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Only for pleasure

The genital organs of men and women are biologically composed of the same pieces, but that the presence of testosterone leads to the development of male genitals. In the absence of testosterone, female genitals will develop. So, the question is whether women get orgasm because they have the same structures that evolution has primarily chosen for male orgasm and pleasure, or if there has been a gender-specific evolution of the woman’s orgasm.

Some experts from an evolutionary psychological perspective say no, and that these are supported by scientists who are skeptical of evolutionary psychological explanations.

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Nice to have

If female orgasm should have a function, it might have been more frequent in intercourse. Even that is good touching ourselfs is it not something that will initially increase reproductive success. Or maybe it’s something that happens rarely that is revealing.

For example, may it work as a sort of partner choice, where those who get orgasm relate more to a partner? Some have also claimed that there is a greater likelihood of being fertilized by orgasm, but at this point, I simply think we must say that we do not quite know if female orgasm has any evolutionary function. And completely independent of function, it’s nice to have anyway.

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