Orgasm tips – think of this to get turned on

Orgasm tips for women. You simply have to work a little with yourself and choose which thoughts will be dominated. Fill the brain with many thoughts about sex and how delicious it is, instead of making room for unshaved legs, or a big belly. This is what you should think about to get turned on during sex.

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. It’s not always easy to get in the mood, whether you’re prepping for sex with someone else or you just want to give yourself a quickie. Here are some horniness hacks to get your juices flowing.

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Puts down the sex drive

A recently published study from 40 years of research on women who suffer from low sex drive, conclude that negative thoughts play an important role. Thoughts about whether the women are nice enough, good enough in the bed, sexually attractive, the relationship will last and the feeling of having to perform trigger anxiety, shame and guilt.

The focus is then taken away from eroticism and what matters at the moment. The researchers conclude that mindfulness exercises may help to get attention away from non-erotic thoughts and to sexual stimuli.

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The brain of women is different from men

Women are experts on concerns. They are concerned much more than men, and this simply relates to the fact that the male and female brain has some fundamental differences. The brain already begins to develop differently in foster life. In the eighth week, we marinate gender-specific hormones, and areas in the brain that affect emotions, relationships and communication are developing faster with the woman. This and other differences make women often have many different thoughts in their minds at once.

Men, on the other hand, have only one focus point. Do they think about sex, they think of sex, and if they think of soccer, they think about football.

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When you notice that you are thinking of sick children, playtime, dinner, packed lunches or the three kilos you have put on when you would rather think of the delicious sex you have with your boyfriend, yes, you are quite normal.

It’s amazing that the female brain is such that we can think of a lot at once. It makes us incredibly good at multitasking, but when we want to focus on something, it can be a challenge. At least it’s a challenge if you have many concerns in your mind, but if you can fill your head with the most good thoughts, it’s heavenly.

Worried about the body

What worries women have while they have sex often relate to what stage of their lives they are. For younger women, the body is the greatest concern. Younger women think about what they look like, if they are sexy enough and they look at themselves with a critical look. Those who struggle with such thoughts should work out to be more pleased with the body they have.

Try not to be so self-critical. Most partners also say that they think the body of the partner is nice and you should believe that. The fact that you are critical of your body does not make it any different. Research also shows that concerns about their own sexual performance are an important reason for dysfunctional sexual relationships.

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When the children interfere

When the children come, the worries change. You may think of everything you should do, if your children are asleep, and not least, if they can come in and disturb you while you have sex. It’s also not uncommon to think about the dishes that should have been taken, practical tasks at home and at work, and the logistics needed to make everyday life go up.

Although the kids are the most important in your life and it’s nice to think about them, it’s okay not to do it all the time. It’s hard to remove thoughts, but much easier to fill with other thoughts you’d rather want.

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Practice controlling your mind

You do not need to think about talking diapers when you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend even if you are a mother. At least not all the time.

Here’s how to learn to change focus

  • Exercise to change focus outside the bedroom
  • Be present in what you do
  • Learn to meditate. For example, use the Headspace app
  • Focus on your breath
  • Focus on what is happening and recount it to yourself in mind
  • Fill your head with positive thoughts

  • This can help to get you in the mood

  • Remove all electronic dumpings from the bedroom
  • Do something about what distracts you, whether it’s the dishes or spider in the ceiling
  • Accept that you are not always 100 percent present

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    Your partner notices it

    And even if you think you’re able to hide that your mind is not there during sex, there’s a high chance that your partner will notice that you’re not there.

    He or she probably suspects you are absent and know that you are not properly turned on. Some say that they almost feel like they could as well have had an inflatable doll in bed, and that the focus is only to get it over so they can put sex off the list for this week.

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    Set of time for sex

    If you want to have a good sex life with your partner over time, it’s actually important that you think through this and make an effort. You must prioritize and set of time for sex, try to disconnect from anything you do not do right now. It does not take that long. The 15-20 minutes it takes, you have time to just be there for your partner.

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