Premature ejaculation best treatment

Premature ejaculation best treatment. Premature ejaculation is often defined differently from person to person from what you perceive as early or normal. Early ejaculation as a medical problem is defined as a seminal discharge that occurs before or immediately after the introduction of the penis into the vagina. All you need to know about the best treatment of premature ejaculation.

The main sign of premature ejaculation is that the triggering occurs before both partners want it. In some, it happens under most intercourses, which causes concern, stress and discomfort. In this article we will talk about all you need to know about premature ejaculation, and what to do if this is a problem in your relationship.

Many men struggle with this from time to time, but in order to diagnose premature ejaculation, it is required that this happens regularly – about every single time. Looking away from those who struggle with it sometimes, it is estimated that about 20 percent of men are within this diagnosis during periods of life.

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How many men are affected by premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem in men. It is especially common among younger men, but also occurs frequently in men in the first meetings with a new partner or when the man has been sexually abusive for a period of time. During the course of life, one of three men suffers a shorter or longer period of this problem. In a market and media survey on sexual habits, approximately 10 percent of all men reported that they had had sexual problems that needed help to solve. Of these, 36 percent reported that they had premature ejaculation.

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What consequences does the problem have?

Early ejaculation causes significant frustration in many men and can also cause mental problems in some people. They often feel inadequate sexual partners, and many withdraw from any sex activity. Defeat and performance anxiety are common. If the man is in a relationship, the couple often get into a “bad circle” where the man is increasingly worried about premature ejaculation, which often increases the problem.

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Best treatments for premature ejaculation?

When one has entered a “vicious circle” with a constant premature ejaculation, it often pays off for a period of time to kiss each other in a non-sexual way, instead of intercourse. The purpose is to maintain a positive physical contact without defeat. This is a advice that is often given by doctors and therapists and is called “sensuality training”.

Another technique recommended and often combined with sensuality training is called start-stop technique. Lie naked and relaxed on your back. Your partner (also naked) is sitting or lying next to you, or sitting between your separated legs. You are passive while she is active. She caresses you and its important that you concentrate only on her caresses, and the emotions and sexual excitement that this causes. When you notice that the sexual tension increases and you get a feeling that your ejaculation begins to approach, you say stop. She stops immediately caressing you, and the sexual tension decreases. Then she starts caressing you again until you say stop. This way you stop and start three times. The fourth time she continues until you get triggered. This is what is called stop-start technique.

The technique can be further enhanced by the partner clamping lightly behind the penis head (over the strap just behind the penis head) for a short while when the man indicates that the release approaches. This technique is called “wrecking technique”, which also helps to inhibit the triggering reflex. Eventually, the man will be able to stop before ejaculation. It is recommended that you spend a good time on these exercises, and that one does not go on in the process of intercourse before one manages the stage one. Many are tempted to have intercourse before they are prepared for this. Then one must often go one step back in the process and spend more time on this step. These techniques work best under the guidance of a therapist, but can also be tested on their own.

Another “solution” for early ejaculation is to mastrubate bedore sex. Those who are young can often quickly get erection again. For those who are older, this can be achieved by using an erectile medicine for a shorter period – in order to break the “evil circle”. At second time, intercourse may take longer before ejaculation takes place. The woman should be informed about this “strategy” in advance so that she will not be disappointed with the first “stage”.

Another option is to use a condom that reduces sensitivity, or lubricate the penis head with anesthetic cream (Xylocain cream) before a sexual intercourse. There are also condoms inserted with a little anesthetic cream that can be tested. This condom is called Performa.

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What is being done by research on medicines for premature ejaculation?

When the modern anti-depression drugs came 10-15 years ago, many men experienced that they where postive for the triggering reflex, and they lasted longer in bed. This “side effect” has been tested on men who are plagued by early ejaculation with promising results. If you are bothered by depression and premature ejaculation, one can try this type of medication.

It is especially the active substances clompramine, sedralin, paroxetine and fluoxetine you can consider. The studies indicate that all these medicines may extend the time before ejaculation from less than one minute before treatment for a few minutes after using one of the aforementioned medications. It has also been investigated the effect of different doses, whether a fixed daily dose is required or whether a dose is sufficient before sexual activity.

It seems that a dose taken on the same day you have intercourse can give a sufficient effect. It has also been seen that many people could gradually conclude the drug after some time. The explanation may be that you get less stressed and thus more persistent when you find that you have better control.

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