Problems that women get due to lack of sex

Problems that women get due to lack of sex. Has it ever happened to you that you do not feel like doing it? Those days when you are tired, overwhelmed or when stress overcomes you the last thing you want is sex. And it is true that sex should be done willingly and when you want, but if you knew the amount of physical and mental problems that women suffer from lack of sex, you may feel like doing it every day.

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Physical and mental problems that women get due to lack of sex

We are promoting the benefits of sex for health, always talking about healthy sexual relationships and wanting to do so. Generally we proclaim to the four winds the beneficial and the pleasurable of sex, but this time we will focus on the negative consequences of the lack of sexual relations.

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#1 Cardiovascular problems

The diseases that women suffer because of lack of sex! They always recommend physical exercise to protect cardiovascular health and that exercise includes sex. Sex not only makes you to loose weight, but also prevents heart disease, especially that morning sex that makes you start the day with the heart rate regulated.

#2 Aging

Have you ever noticed at work that you enjoyed sex last night? It is because a good roll is noticed even in the skin, which is more resplendent. That is why the lack of sex produces the opposite effect on your skin, with dermatological problems such as acne and the appearance of wrinkles.

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#3 Pain

Who wants to take an analgesic when it can get the same effect with a good sexual encounter? Sex reduces and relieves muscle pain, headache and, yes, also the pain of the rule. Do not deprive yourself.

#4 Memory loss

The brain is oxygenated during sex and more during orgasm. So if you see that lately you have memory problems and do not remember the last time you enjoyed sex, do not think about strange diseases. Recover memory with sex.

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#5 Lack of self-esteem

Lack of sex also produces self-esteem problems. If your self-esteem has plummeted, it may be because you have not had the pleasure of a sexual encounter that will lift your spirits, your self-esteem and what you need.

#6 Tendency to get sick

Women who do not have sex usually have a greater tendency to get sick because they deprive themselves of one of the best benefits of sex, which strengthens the immune system.

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#7 Generalized decay

Sex is a source of happiness and its lack or scarcity is a reason for generalized decay, sadness and lack of hope. Do not run out of illusion and recover your sex life.

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