Reasons to have more sex in the winter season

Good reasons to have more sex in the winter season. It’s cold, you put layers and layers of clothes and even if you put the heating you’re still cold. The least you want is to give yourself a romp with your partner because that means getting rid of your clothes, right? Let us tell you that winter can help you improve your relationship and especially in the sexual area. We talk about sex in winter and we give you some ideas to improve your relationships at this time of year.

Reasons to have more sex in winter

Spring alters the blood and the summer sun prompts you to enjoy your body more. However, the true age of zeal of the human being is in autumn, when the libido is through the roof.

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But what happens in winter? There are people who hibernate sexually frightened by the cold, but sex in winter has many benefits that will make you rethink the situation.

  • Sex in winter season strengthens the immune system and increases defenses. We already know that sex (at any time of the year) has infinite health benefits, but if you can also avoid the typical winter cold, write it down as a home remedy.
  • Some studies claim that men see women more attractive at this time of year. If your boy’s desire increases in winter, you just have to let him get it.
  • Are you cold? Faced with the laziness that gives you take off your clothes in winter, are the benefits of a sex with bodies so close together that they seem to merge into each other.
  • Sex in winter makes you loose weight. Due to the cold, the meetings gain more rhythm and are more energetic. Imagine the calories you can burn while you warm up in bed.

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    How to have better sex in winter

    Are you still lazy when it comes to enjoying sex in winter? Do not worry, surely after reading our tips you see the winter tumbling in another way.

  • The fireplace. Is there a scene more romantic and at the same time more erotic than a couple lying on the carpet eating kisses in the warmth of the fireplace? Voucher. It is true that not everyone has a fireplace at home, but there are rural houses that in winter are great price and it is worth doing in front of the fireplace at least once in a lifetime.

  • The socks. Socks are a very reviled garment when we talk about sex and for no reason. Most of us die with cold feet (in winter and in summer) and that makes it difficult to reach orgasm. If the secret to reaching the climax is in leaving the socks on, we should claim the use of that garment also under the sheets.
  • The bathtub. The steam of the hot water increases the temperature of the bathroom by a few degrees. You may have to take your clothes off in a hurry, but the prospect of taking a bath with your partner will warm you up right away. Bath or shower? It’s up to you.
  • Nice and warm. Making love under the quilt (or under blankets) has been practiced since the world is world and since humans began to use blankets or quilts to combat the cold, but the term was popularized thanks to a well-known reality. Be that as it may, hide from the cold well attached to your partner.
  • Winter postures. The perfect winter plan is sofa, blanket and book. So look among the pages of the Kamasutra the best positions to practice in winter. Yes those that include total contact or those in which you have to keep a stronger rhythm.

  • And you, do you like sex in winter?

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