Reduced sex drive in men

There may be many reasons why a man lacks or has reduced sex drive, and the problem is increasing among men. There is a general growing trend that men lack sex happiness. A population study shows that 13 percent of men aged 18 to 67 have reduced sex drive all the time, or almost all the time. In the group 60-67 years, the figure is 27 percent. Lack of sex in men is taboo and extra difficult. How to handle the problem.

It is more common for women to lose their sex drive than men, so it is less talked about when he does not feel particularly turned on with his partner. Many men think it’s embarrasing when the sex desire disappears, while women often talk to girlfriends and expect them to feel less desirable at times. Men rarely talk about sex, other than when they boast of their own excellence.

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For many families with small children it is not uncommon for the man, not just the woman, to struggle with sexual desire, as he also experiences night watch, a little sleep and a lot of focus on the child. Sexual desire is about energy, and if you are tired you often do not want sex. Other common things are conflicts at work, arguing relationships, and financial concerns.

Causes of reduced sex drive in men

The reasons why you have reduced sex drive can be complex and many. there is also a difference between women and men. The classic is that in love you have increased levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, and lower levels of serotonin in the brain – this creates increased sexual desire. There are substances in the body and the brain that make you get angry anyway. After a couple of years as a couple, there is another dynamic and another desire. If you do not know this, you may feel that you do not feel like it. You are not newly in love after five years, it’s quite normal, but you have to know it. There are many ways to pick up the desire.

Common causes of lack of sex drive:

Personal: Missing ignition that you simply do not ignite the partner. It may be the wrong gender or wrong person.
Social: Increasing problem in men. They feel more pressure and stress. Men work a lot, get tired. Men have also become more aware of what they really feel.
Psychological conflicts: Power struggles in the relationship, one must punish partner. Conflict with parties, it may be everyday or more deep and complex reasons. If the reduced sex drive is sudden and slightly inexplicable, consult a doctor to clarify that it is not a serious disease process.

Medical and physical reasons for reduced sex drive

Men also come in menopause. Men get fat around the stomach, and it’s this fat that reduces the production of testosterone. People who do not exercise and have a bad diet will therefore be more vulnerable to reduced sex drive. Other things you might experience:

– Thyroid Diseases
– Diabetes
– Cancer – prostate
– Nervous system disorders.
– Erectile failure. At low light, men will have problems with impaired erection. It’s important to see what’s causing.
– Cardiovascular disease.
– Rheumatic diseases.

Medications: Almost all the medicines can reduce your desire. Many depression medications can turn off your sex drive. The same happens with many other medicines that are given by chronic disease. When you turn on sexually, men get erection and women get moisture in the vagina. Reduced moisture in the vagina may make the intercourse painful, and naturally reduce the sexual desire. Men who struggle with little sexual desire can experience problems with the erection.

Body change effects your sex drive

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined sexuality as an integral part of each person’s personality, as an aspect of being human, an aspect that can not be separated from other aspects of life. In line with this view, sexuality is a little more than intercourse between man and woman. It encompasses a wide range of emotional relationships between people, affecting thoughts, feelings, actions and interpersonal response – and thus our mental and physical health.

Naturally, your body change within the time you live in a relationship, both physically and mentally. You gain weight or get very thin. People get thicker and anybody should take care of the health. Overweight can be a problem for the partner as well. It’s hard to moralize and men will probably feel bad if they take this up with their partner. Here you have to be careful, and often it’s a common problem.

Passive aggressive reaction
Another reason why the man does not have or has reduced sex drive is a dominant partner. She maybe bosses him around and always knows best. The man withdraws sexually as a passive aggressive reaction.

Other psychological causes may be:

– He suspects her for having a afair.
– Bad self-image may have occurred long before she got into the picture. Not feeling good enough is quite common.
– Bad communication in the relationship.

How to increase sex drive?

Is there hope, can this change? Fortunately, it is possible to pick up sex drive again, but it may require some effort. Know your own feelings in the body. And it’s wise to communicate with your partner. Stimulate each other physically and physically. Both must have time to be turned on. The man often gets turned on much ufaster than the woman, and unfortunately you start before the woman is properly wet. Spend time, give each other positive caresses and say nice things.

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