Reduced sex drive in women

Reduced sex drive is most common among women, and around 30 percent of all women have reduced sex drive. There may be many reasons why women have little or no sexual desire. One of the most common reasons is that women do not take the time to be properly turned on.

Women simply think that they should be as quick to be turned on as men. Normally women do not. They do not get enough stimulation and do not give enough time. The woman needs time to gather and focus.

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Causes of decreased sex drive

The woman is often concerned with interaction and relationships. If she experiences that the man does not give enough support, is not aware, has changed or is distant, this can result in reduced sex drive. Reduced sex drive is often called by professionals as loss of libido. According to Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, Edward Laumann, the loss of libido is “having reduced sex drive through several months in the past year”.

Low sex drive has many possible explanations:

Biology: – Pregnancy is a potentially threatening condition for women – they become vulnerable and can not get as quickly away from dangers as otherwise. Men, on the other hand, can always – biologically speaking – allow themselves to have sex when ever they feel like it.

The meaning of the relationship: The desire of women occurs with the relationship, while the majority of men develop the desire for sex. If not most women experience good conversations and cohesion, they do not want to have sex.

Hormonal Conditions: Hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, breastfeeding and occurring in the menopause period may lead to a decrease in sex drive. Dryness of the throat, which is often due to the lower level of estrogen levels in the body, can both make it painful to have sex and that the desire disappears.

Transitions and stress: Changes in women’s life situation, not least the one that accompanies childbirth – may cause women to want less sex. Many women find that the years with small children act like a “light thief”. Other concerns such as difficult job situation or bad economy are also taking place.

Medical and physical reasons for reduced sex drive

According to specialist in sex and sexual intercourse, psychological and physical causes often cause a reduced sex drive.

– Menopause.
– Thyroid Diseases
– Diabetes
– Cancer – ovary, uterus and breasts
– Nervous system disorders
– Impaired vascular function
– Cardiovascular disease
– Rheumatic disorders

Medications: Almost all the medicines can reduce your desire. Many depression medications can turn off your sex drive. The same happens with many other medicines that are given by chronic disease. When you turn on sexually, men get erection and women get moisture in the vagina. Reduced moisture in the vagina may give a painful intercourse, and naturally reduce the sexual desire.

Children and family life

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined sexuality as an integral part of each person’s personality, as an aspect of being human, an aspect that can not be separated from other aspects of life. In line with this view, sexuality is a little more than intercourse between man and woman. It encompasses a wide range of emotional relationships between people, affecting thoughts, feelings, actions and interpersonal response – and thus our mental and physical health.

As mentioned earlier, experts believe that having children can put an end to an active sex life. The concern for children is the biggest enemy for sex. When the children are sleeping and you are finally free, you just want to be alone. You are tired and just want some time for yourself.

There are more women than men who lack or have reduced sex drive, and more studies show that between 25-30 percent of all women report this as a problem.

– There is a general growing trend that men lack sex happiness. A population study from 2009 shows that 13 percent of men aged 18 to 67 have reduced sex drive all the time, or almost all the time. In the group 60-67 years, the figure is 27 percent.

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How to get your sex drive back?

When you’re taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, and when you’re in a good relationship, your sex drive is bound to be better than when you’re not. Talk with your doctor or a counselor about what you’re going through. Your doctor may be able to address the physical aspects, but you may also benefit from relationship counseling or sex therapy. Doctors give advice about erectile dysfunction drugs to women who have difficulty becoming aroused or reaching orgasm. These tablets boost blood flow to the genitals. Female enhancement pills work to increase sexual desire or female libido. We have listed a female enhancement pill which we know will help improve your libido.

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