Sad after sex

Have you ever felt sad or down after sex? Few people are aware that this happens to women after sex. Almost half of women will experience it during life. Five percent of the women who were spoken said they had “negative feelings” a couple of times after sex in the last four weeks.

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that almost half of all women experience this during life. Anxiety, anger, sadness and melancholy are all examples of PCD, or post coital dysphoria“.

The study, conducted by researchers at the psychological faculty of Queensland University of Technology, shows that nearly 46 percent of the women who participated have experienced these symptoms throughout their lives. Some women say that they get bored or that they cry very much after sex. Some say they get a strong negative feeling without anything particularly wrong.

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Sadness after sex

Doctor Robert Schweitzer led the research team who completed the new survey. 195 female heterosexual students answered a questionnaire asking them if they had experienced inexplicable sadness or started crying after having sex.

Five percent of the women reported that they had such feelings “a couple of times” in the last four weeks. It is perhaps the most dramatic discovery. Four weeks is little time and you do not have so many times sex during that time. It indicates that this should definitely be researched more.

Yhy it happens, we do not know yet. There are plenty of reasons. Based on what the women tell, the feelings of the orgasm are triggered, but we certainly do not know yet. Our hypothesis is that these feelings are symptoms of other psychological problems and we are now working to find out if this has intimacy and association to do.

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Will suddenly be sad

The negative feelings can appear entirely by themselves. After you’ve got an orgasm, and probably expect you to be pretty well, you can suddenly feel sad. A survey published in May 2015 in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Science confirms that negative feelings after sex are more common than previously thought.

Experts does not think it has anything to say if you have been in a fixed relationship for a long time or if you have a one night stand. Such feelings may appear anyway. There seems to be a weak link between having experienced sexual abuse earlier and getting such feelings. But it may also be due to other mechanisms, and probably more complicated.

To find out who is in the risk zone, research needs to be done. Nevertheless, the study is a step in the right direction to understand how we work in relationships. The study entails the range of new research related to female desire and motivation. Where we previously thought that desire was only bodily, we now see that cognitive and environmental factors also play a major role.

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A lot that is affecting us

Surveys have shown differences between the sexes. In a study released by the New York Times in 2009, women and men were examined in a lab while stimulated with erotic movies. Participants should describe when they felt excited while being connected to machines that measured blood flow and lubrication.

Here it was found that men were more connected to their body: they felt horny while physics indicated that they were. In the women, there was not even clear correspondence. Even though their bodies thought they were horny, they did not necessarily say they felt excited themselves. This can also have a link to the new study.

There are many different conditions that affect feelings related to sex. Something is biological, something is psychological and something is cultural. However, it is not unreasonable that men can have emotional reactions to sex. Currently, no similar studies have been performed on PCD in men.

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Do not mean something is wrong

Feeling sad after sex may seem strange and unusual, but it as an opportunity to explore yourself and find out if this can have anything to do with your own privacy. Ask yourself if you’ve crossed a limit, simply. There is also no research suggesting that there are profound problems behind. Nor is it because you have a bad sex life.

I think it’s very good to put words on what you are experiencing. Then you can rest assured that this is a completely normal condition and it does not mean that something is wrong.

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