What is a sexual intercourse? What does sexual foreplay mean? How do you get orgasm? What is anal sex? What is mouth sex? These are just some of what you can find answers to in this article. All you need to know about sex and sexual intercourse.

What is a sexual intercourse?

A sexual intercourse is sometimes called love, other times having sex. In Latin it’s called coitus. The most common definition of sexual intercourse is that the man leads his erected penis into the woman’s vagina. Sexual intercourse can also be used as a term of sexual activity between two men or between two women. It can also refer to other forms of sexual behavior, such as oral sex and anal intercourse. “Having sex” can mean any of these activities in addition to activities where penis is not brought into the other partner.

By nature, the purpose of intercourse is reproduction and to have children. With effective birth control, you have intercourse far more often for the purpose of achieving pleasure and expressing love and devotion to your partner. In many cultures, it is usually for couples to have frequent associations that help to strengthen the emotional relationships between the partners without the purpose of having children. Cohabitation has a significant role in connecting two people.

The intercourse between a man and a woman starts ideally with sexual desire and gradually increasing sexual ignition in both. This first phase is often referred to as prelude and involves kissing and kidding, touching each other and making other sexual approaches. The prelude is important because it causes the woman’s sheath to become moist and the man’s penis gets eroded. If the woman’s sheath does not get wet enough, getting a sexual intercourse can be difficult or painful to her.

When a man and a woman have sexual intercourse, it is necessary to use birth control every time, to prevent the woman from becoming pregnant.

How to protect against pregnancy and infection?

If two people have intercourse and one of them has a sexually transmitted disease (such as chlamydia), the other may be infected. Using condoms is the best way to prevent infection from being transferred from one person to another. If you are going to use a condom as a protection against pregnancy or infection, the condom should be placed on the man’s penis when he gets an erection and is retained throughout the entire intercource.

The sexual foreplay

A good foreplay can increase the joy of intercourse. Please spend time. The woman often needs more stimulation and a little longer time to reach climax and a orgasm than the man. Often, the goal is for both to reach the orgasm at the same time, or that the woman reaches the orgasm first because she can get more orgasms after each other. The man, on the other hand, will rarely manage to reach more than one orgasm. If the man reaches the orgasm first, he will usually not be able to help the woman with orgasm using the penis.

What happens during sex?

When both are ready for the sexual intercourse, the man’s penis is brought into the woman’s vagina. As a rule, the woman is so moist that the penis slides in easily, but it may be useful for the woman by hand to help the man bring the penis properly into the vagina. Both then move their bodies so that the penis slides back and forth inside the vagina. This causes the penis to rub against the light rugged wall of the body, making the man sexually excited so that he eventually gets a orgasm. The movements will also allow the man to rub the woman’s clitoris – or sensitive areas inside the vagina – so that she also gets a orgasm. However, this depends a little on what position you use when you have intercourse.

It is important that you are both aware of the importance of stimulating clitoris for the woman to reach orgasm. position where the man at the same time as he leads the penis back and forth in the vagina, also rubbing clitoris, increases the woman’s chance of reaching orgasm. Alternatively, the woman may stimulate clitoris with her hand during sexual intercourse. Note that there are many sexual positions, such as having vaginal intercourse where the woman is taken from behind, which to a small extent causes stimulation of clitoris – thus reducing the woman’s chance of reaching orgasm before or at the same time as the man.

Is sex painful?

Sex is usually not painful. However, the very first time the woman has sex can be uncomfortable when the virgin can be stretched or torn. It can also cause a short-term bleeding.

Sex is usually not painful to the man. Sex should be comfortable for both parties. The vagina is very stretchy and will usually easily adapt to the penis, even if it is large. However, the woman may experience pain during sexual intercourse if her vagina does not produce enough natural lubricant (moisture). If the woman is stressed and hurried when you have sex, your mucous membrane may be dry and become painful during sexual intercourse. Stress can also cause muscles in the vagina to involuntarily tense, making the penetration difficult and painful.

The best way to achieve painless sex is that you both relax, that you both want sex, and that you spend enough time on foreplay. In some cases where dryness is a problem, you can lubricate the opening with a lubricant, for example, purchased at the pharmacy. Alternatively, the man may lick the woman’s gender opening, thus moisturizing and lubricating it.

What does it mean to lose virginity?

There are different perceptions about this, and some say there are different forms of virginity. Most people agree that if a man has sex with a woman in which the penis is inserted into the vagina, the woman is no longer a virgin.

Which sex position is best?

Many different positions are possible when you have intercourse. The most common is the “missionary position”, where the woman is on her back and the man is on top of her. The man and the woman can also lie on the side, the woman can sit on top of the man or she can kneel at all four while the man puts his penis into the vagina from behind. There are many ways to do this, and each couples usually finds their favorite positions.

If you are in a position where the woman’s clitoris is not stimulated, you can do this with your fingers.

Can the woman become pregnant without intercourse?

If the man’s penis is not in the vagina at all, the chance of the woman getting pregnant is minimal. Then the semen should be inserted into the vagina in another way, for example by emptying the sperm into the vagina opening and inserting it with your fingers or otherwise afterwards.

Some people practice the man pulling out just before he gets orgasm. It is a very insecure method to avoid pregnancy. In the excitement phase towards the orgasm, the man’s penis separates a lubricating fluid, a preejakulat. Sometimes this preejakulate can contain sperm, sperm. It may be enough to make the woman pregnant. Sperm can also be transferred to the vagina with their fingers or sex toys, so it is important that these are clean and washed before coming close to the woman’s sheath.

How does sex feel?

The physical experiences we know with our bodies when we have sex are common to most of us. We become sensitive and warm and excited and we can get a orgasm.

Enjoying sexual activities with another person is possible whether you reach orgasm or not. Not achieving orgasm with another person does not mean you do not like or love the other person. Your feelings may be different from time to time when you have sex, depending on the circumstances. Having sex can be one of the most intense and enjoyable physical and emotional experiences a human can have. However, many factors should crash if the experience is going to be good.

How do you get orgasm?

When the sexual excitement builds up and reaches its maximum, you may experience orgasm, also called climax, or “you come”. The sexual ignition and excitement can start with someone who masturbates (masturbates) alone, or through kissing, masturbating or having sex with another person. The sexual pleasure usually grows gradually. A sense of excitement disappears when the orgasm comes and you experience an intense well-being. The feeling can be so strong that you are not able to see, hear or think of something other than the moment’s enjoyment. Many grits, whine or shout out of happiness. Orgasms usually last only a few seconds, but the feeling may last a lot longer. When the man has orgasm, he gets redundant and it sprays semen when he ejaculates. Sperm (mixed with lubricant) comes out of the man’s urethra as an white-gray, sticky liquid.

After the man has ejaculated, he loses his erection and must usually stop for a while before he may regain erection. When the woman gets orgasm, her skin will become very wet. However, she can continue to be sexually excited. Some women may experience more than one orgasm without stopping. If you do not get orgasm, that does not mean something is wrong. There are big individual differences, and some have difficulty in getting orgasm although everything is normal. Concerns about whether you want to get orgasm can in themselves prevent orgasm.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex – also called anal intercourse – is when a man leads his penis into the rectum (anus) and rectum (rectum) to a partner. Some people have strong opposites to this, especially for religious or moral reasons. Others feel discomfort at the thought of anal sex because there is nothing they think they will find comfortable or want to try. Others practice anal intercourse and can enjoy it.

Anal sex is often referred to as something only gay men do. That is not the case. Many heterosexual couples have anal sex, while many gay men have never tried it. If you want to try anal sex, you should make sure your partner really wants it. If one wants to try it, but not the other, it’s better to stick to other forms of sex that you both like. If you decide to have anal sex, you should use a good quality lubricant or condom. You should also start slowly and carefully. The rectum is fragile and can easily be damaged, especially if the recipient is not relaxed.

Early ejaculation

The man may sometimes experience that he orgasms very quickly by intercourse (premature ejaculation). Usually, semen collection will come on later as you get more experienced and know what you can expect. Someone, however, hurts so much with this that it will be a problem. In such cases, a conversation with a professional will usually be of great help. Read more about premature ejaculation

How often do people have sex?

Sexual appetite varies considerably. Some people have sex once or twice daily while others have it once a month. The variations are large between different people, and the frequency will also vary greatly over time. Sex is a profit phenomenon, and many people feel that stress and hustle and bustle go beyond the desire and ability. Most people think about sex far more often than they have sex.

How is mouth sex performed?

Mouth sex are when a person lickes or sucks on the other’s penis or vaginal opening (clitoris, genitalia, skins).
Mouth sex can be a very intense and intimate experience. Some people like to give or get mouthbreaking. Others feel discomfort at the thought and will not do it. In all sexual activity, it is important that both are safe and that personal limits are not exceeded.

How do you masturbate?

A woman can usually masturbate by rub, stroke or squeeze the clitoris. Clitoris is the most sensitive sexual part of the woman. She can also touch her breasts and other sensitive areas of the body.

The man usually masturbates by rub and pump his penis. Most sensitive is the foremost part of the penis, penis head.

Masturbation is often referred to as playing with oneself. People do not necessarily start masturbating when they get into puberty. Some people masturbate as well as never while others often masturbate. It varies with how a person feels it. Many also masturbate even if they are in a firm relationship.

There is no physical reason that you should or will not masturbate. It’s not harmful to masturbate, neither for women nor for men. Some people enjoy the masturbation and do this often, while others do not feel this need. Some believe that if a man does not masturbate, his testicles will fill up with sperm. It’s not true, sperm production breaks when there are no drains.

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