Sexuality when you get older

Sexuality and sexual problems when you get older. Vaginal dryness and erectile Dysfunction are among the sexual problems you get when you get older. But we are fortunate that nature gives us endless remedies to put an end to those problems that prevent us from continuing to enjoy sex in the third age. Many of these medicines work beyond remedies, that is, they function as stimulants of physiological abilities, which facilitate the sexual act when you get older.

Sexual difficulties not only affect the elderly, but anyone can get these types of problems. These problems that we have named are more common when you get older, but it does not mean that only older people suffer from them. Whatever the situation, we will give you some natural medicines that can help you solve the problems:

In men: What is sought in natural remedies is the effect of the already known “Viagra”, which gives the ability to produce an erection without problem.

In women: What is sought in natural remedies is the increase in the level of estrogens, which balance and give the ideal moisture in the vagina. Recall that after menopause, the estrogen levels fall, which are closely associated with the woman’s libido.

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Erectile dysfunction a normal problem when you get older

Most men sometimes have problems with the erection. This can happen for several reasons. When doctors talk about erectile dysfunction, also impotence, they mean that the erection is usually so weak that sex is not possible. In many men, erection problems are something physical. An injury, disease or hormone disorder can cause erectile dysfunction. Some medicines may cause erectile dysfunction. Feelings like fear, madness or lack of commitment also play a part. Stress and depression can cause erection problems.

Some men with erectile dysfunction can not get a erection at all. With others, the problem can come and go. Some can get erection but without it lasting long enough or that the penis is stiff enough to have sex. Men who have problems with the erection often do not ask for help, but there are at least two good reasons to seek a doctor. First, there is treatment that is likely to help you. Secondly, erectile dysfunction may be a warning sign to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. You can check this with your doctor.

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