Should you and can you forgive infidelity?

Has your partner been cheating? If thats the case, you should know what to think about before you forgive infidelity. Some couples do survive infidelity but only if both of you honestly think the relationship is worth it and the guilty person is prepared to do everything it takes to win back your trust and love.

Infidelity is a betrayal most people think can not be forgiven until they experience it themselves and realize that it is far more complicated when you are in the situation yourself. Do you still want to be with your partner but are not sure if you will ever forgive? It is possible to proceed after such a betrayal, but that it requires some work.

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Infidelity hard to forgive

It’s terribly hard to forgive infidelity because we become vulnerable when we love someone and respond emotionally, and not just sensibly. The person who may be closest to you has failed you and led you behind the light – it is natural that it may feel hard to forgive – but not impossible – in the long run.

Forgiveness does not mean it’s okay. Forgiveness is a gift you give first of all yourself so that one day you will be able to love another person completely without fear.

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Think about it before making a decision

You should think carefully before choosing to continue the relationship with the unfaithful partner. It may be a good idea to contact a relationship therapist who can help you sort thoughts and feelings. This is often a tough time (no matter what outcome) when infidelity triggers a cohabitation crisis. What’s important is to find out if you are right for each other – or if you just keep together for example, old habit or that it’s economically comfortable.

If you have had a good time before and been great lovers and partners (although you have not taken care of the relationship lately), it may indicate that the relationship has a potential.

Everyone can be wrong and someone does things they really regret – but remember that the grass is greenest where it gets watered. If you choose each other again and give your loved one another chance, therapy will help as a positive process in all the wounds.

If your partner has betrayed you several times, he or her has misused your confidence and taken you for granted, then I think the best recipe is to get your eyes up and move on.

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Try to put the infidelity behind you

If you choose to give your partner another chance, it is important that you put the incident behind you and try to trust that your partner will not deceive you again. It is important to talk about what has happened and the therapist will help the couple get a healthy process that will eventually repair the injury if the unfaith changes.

One good tip is to find out why your partner was unfaithful. Talk openly about it – and talk and find out how to prevent infidelity and breakthroughs. Work with prevention and, not least, have fun and prioritize what’s happening – rebuild the relationship.

It is also important that you are both good lovers – also on a busy day. In the therapy room, many are surprised at how little is needed. A spontaneous hug on a day off can cure a lot of everyday grief.

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Do not bring up old stuff from the past

There are pitfalls you should be aware of after reconnecting. Typical things that may be wrong are, for example, one never finish talking about the betrayal and that it ruins all the good you have together. Conversely, there is also a danger that no one talks about what has happened, even if it is needed and that you carry on it as a malignant cancerous tumor that is not been treated.

It is also important to agree that you want lasting changes. Do not return to the old relationship where you lived for example, life without a spark – and you fill emptiness with anything but love time – then it may only be a matter of time before a new infidelity hits you.

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