Stress and Impotence

Stress and impotence is a subject that all men at some point in their life should talk about. Many people think that impotence is the symptom that reflects the end of their sex life, but there are other men who believe in possible medical solutions. To solve this problem we must deal with the first cause, and that is the problem in men, because they are not aware of the causes of impotence.

There are several reasons why impotence could occur, there are physical and psychological causes, and the latter are the ones that men do not take into account. There are so many more psychological reasons and even more serious than the physiological ones. The psychological categorization is then given, the opposite of physiological impotence. It is said that only 10% of cases of impotence are given for psychological reasons, but not for that will not be taken into account.

Among the most frequent psychological reasons are:

Low self-esteem: It often happens that people who have had some experience of impotence, produces low self-esteem, which will cause the man to believe that he is not able to produce an erection. For the same reason he will believe that he is not “good” sexually, which will produce repeated pessimistic feelings.

Depression and Anxiety: One of the side effects of antidepressant medications is that of impotence, which is why many people who have been diagnosed with depression and are undergoing treatment, have problems with erection.

Stress: In addition to this we tell you that stress and anxiety have the possibility of stimulating the release of chemicals called catecholamines, a substance that prevents having an erection. The same happens with the release of adrenaline, because when the man is faced with a stressful context and / or extreme sensations, the adrenaline is released, which is also inhibiting the erection.

Tiredness and tedium: being tired lowers the energy reserves of men, reservations that are requested at the time of sexual encounter. That is why man can also be slower to become excited or even appear and feel insensitive to the sexual context, because he feels always tired and without energy.

Problems with the couple: Anger with the partner causes negative feelings towards her, this type of thinking nullifies the possibility of having sexual thoughts towards your partner. Having no sexual thoughts, it is very likely that the sexual encounter can never be carried out, and even the man may not have an erection if such encounter existed.

Unresolved homosexual feelings: It is possible that the man has doubts about his sexual inclination, that is why sexual encounters often become difficult, uncomfortable or even annoying. You may not like the woman you’re with. Psychologically this will cause feelings of guilt; Such feeling produces the ineptitude of the sexual encounter.

Although the treatments of physiological or psychological impotence are very similar, it is necessary to know what is the true cause of the deficiency, knowing that the treatment can lead to be very effective, that is why it becomes necessary to make the difference from a Beginning (if you have physical or psychological impotence).

If you suffer from depression, we must be able to separate the sufferings and be optimistic about sex. While if you spend too much energy in the day and stay in constant stress, try to get out of it and save energy for sex.

The intimacy is important, return to the affections, the previous gossip and if necessary go to the marriage counseling. You need to feel confident that he is a good man, capable of whatever he wants. Put yourself in the head that the problem is not you, but the environment, remember that you are able to lead a satisfying sex life. If you are convinced of that, we assure you that you will really get excellent results.

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