6 Problems Men Should Never Ignore

Many men as the years go by and get older, although not only when get older, tend to present various alterations that affect their sexuality, a rather uncomfortable scenario. However, there are sexual problems that are more “embarrassing” then others. Please follow and like us:

Why Use Supplements for Female Libido?

Today, one in four women suffers symptoms that are associated with female sexual dysfunction. This is a sexual appetite problem that is very common these days, which is why more and more women are turning to female libido supplements to help them solve this problem. Read More …

Can the type of food we consume influence our sexual desire?

Everything we eat directly affects our hormones, our energy level, our sense of well-being, our digestions and of course, our sexual appetite. There is a direct relationship between what we eat and our energetic state and, therefore, our sexual desire. Please follow and like us: