The key to a hot sex life

After a few years with the same partner, most people are a little tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is especially true for men in well-established relationships where sex is not as frequent as before. Fortunately there is some good advice, and hope for everybody. Here are the key factors for a hot sex life.

No, it’s not uncommon not to always have a hot sex life according to the experts. The pressure to perform at all levels of life may seem greater than ever. The “perfect” relationship – including the best sex, the wildest orgasms and a sex drive that is constantly on top. Well, for most people this is hard to maintain.

10 key tips to a hot sex life

But what’s the best thing for us to be 100 percent satisfied? Both physical, emotional and sociological factors need to be in order for our sex drive to be on top. Here are som guidelines that will help you get a hot sex life.

1. Take care of your health, it is the basis for your sexual life as well.
2. Set time for long foreplay, at least once in a while.
3. Have regular sex – it adds to your taste.
4. Prioritize both to get orgasm.
5. Ensure quality time together.
6. Avoid stress, it’s pure killing for sex life.
7. Do you struggle with sexual problems that are physically conditioned, seek medical attention.
8. Information and communication is alpha and omega for a good sex life. Dare to tell each other what you like and search information about sex.
9. Do you feel loved, respected and confident in the relationship?, you enjoy sex more.-
10. Tension, variety and fun are important.

Fundamentally important sex

It may look like we’ve lost our adventure, our sexual drive and our interest. Although 60 per cent finds sex both fun and important, only 44 per cent are happy with their sex life. Particularly adult men are dissatisfied, primarily because of less sex and the fact that they are well established. Children, on the other hand, have little impact on the sex lives of their parents.

Not unexpectedly, half as many women as men indicate that they get orgasm. On the other hand, about every fourth man has problems with erection, 24 percent does not get it up and 29 percent have trouble keeping it up. Regular sex is also important for both sexes, which is in line with what we have learned; that sex is healthy, liberating and encouraging. Even though young people have more sex, it is totally normal to have sex once a week when you are 65 years of age.

In addition to its purely physical, there are a number of emotional factors that play into our sex life. It’s about proximity, excitement, feeling that you master it, and it’s about good sexual experiences.

Important with good memories

The first sexual experiences are not only important, they set clear guidelines for your sex life. Nearly 40 percent state that their “sex life has been positively influenced by my first sexual experience.”

Furthermore, we are more concerned with quality time with our partner, romance and security than before, and we have a great need to feel loved. A total of 82 percent of those who are satisfied with their sex life, state that they feel respected by their partner and state that this is very important.

Tension is also an essential part of having a satisfying sex life, and those who have been together for more than 3 years often lack this. Just over half of us are good at experimenting. Role playing, massage, anal sex, sharing fantasies and tying each other are among the most popular ways to experiment.

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