The most common sex problems

There may be natural explanations for your sex problems. Experiencing sexual frustration is more common than you might think. Often it can be difficult to understand why you have problems in the bedroom and what you can do to solve them. We give you the three most common sex problems, the reasons for them and what you can do to solve them.

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#1 You do not feel like it

It may be normal to temporarily lose the desire for sex. It does not mean that you do not like sex, but you have a period of low libido. When you have low libido you can talk about low sensation. That means you want sex, but your body refuses to respond to erotic excitement from the brain. In other words, you are not physically excited and your body does not respond to sexual stimulation.

If you have problems with low sex drive, it is advisable to take a trip to the gynecologist for a full check so that you may find the cause of the problem. The problem can often be physical – such as hormone change, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, drugs, etc., but it can also be mental. If you think the problem may be psychological, you may want to contact a sexologist or a psychologist to find the cause and thus also solve the problem.

Change your focus
Temporary loss of sex drive can often be explained by a specific event. Stress, bad relationship, exhaustion or other things that make you feel less amazing, can affect your sex drive and you should re-prioritize a little in your life so your desire may return.

You decide
If you have not felt like having sex in over a year, there is good really reason to take the problem seriously. Two of the most common reasons for low sex drive are that you are in a relationship that is not good or because your partner is not a good lover. If that is the problem, some communication may be the solution. If that’s not the case, but the fact that you’re not actually being sexually attracted to your partner, you’re having a bigger problem. Then you need to decide if you want to be in a relationship with little focus on sex or leave him.

Sometimes the reason for low sex drive may also be that you are too intimate with your partner. If you know each other at the fingertips, some of the magic of the relationship will disappear and this can have consequences for the bedtime activity.

Checklist for Low Libido

  • Exclude medical reasons. First and foremost, you should take a full medical check to survey any problems if you have low libido
  • Take responsibility. If you are not getting horny, you must take responsibility for this and try to find a solution. Do not wait for the problem to go over
  • Have a weekly sex-day. One sex-day of the week and three other meetings outside the bedroom may be wise. Spend time together and communicate with each other both inside and outside the bedroom
  • Don`t blame your partner. Even if your partner wants sex more than you, you should not blame him for wanting more sex. Try to do everything in your power to keep you together – also in your bedroom

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    #2 You never get an orgasm

    If you are preorgasmic you have never had an orgasm. If you are anorgasmic, you achieve orgasm via masturbation, but not with your partner. Define what you are so that you are aware of where the problem is.

    Never had orgasm
    If you have never experienced an orgasm, you must start experimenting to find out how to reach climax. Once you’ve learned how to get an orgasm with masturbation, you can teach your partner what works for you – and you can experiment around this. Feel free to use vibrators, lubricants or other aids in the experimentation.

    You get orgasm, but only by yourself
    Over 70 percent of women think it’s easier to get orgasm alone and many struggle to get it together with a partner. Even many of those who communicate with their partner about how best they reach climax have problems. The reason is often that men spend less time reaching climax and therefore believe we women can get an orgasm as fast. The truth is that most men like to be told what to do to get you to climax, but just do not do it long enough. Tell him that it can take up to 20 minutes for a woman to reach orgasm – and ask him to be patient.

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    #3 You mean in secret, that sex is somewhat dirty

    Most people learn to get orgasm through masturbation, but if you come from a home where touching yourself was not accepted, or if you got punished if you masturbated, this has to be changed, and it starts with your mind. It’s never too late to start exploring your own body and this is important if you have never masturbated and want to have a satisfying sex life.

    Tips to have a satisfying sex life

  • Learn as much about sex as possible
  • Do not think what everyone else thinks
  • Overlook body fixings
  • Think through your sexual history (what did your parents say about sex, what experiences have you had, etc.)
  • Focus on sex when you have sex (do not think about anything else)

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