This increases the chance of getting an orgasm

Lubricant increases the chance of getting an orgasm. In a survey conducted by the Indiana Center of Sexual Health and published in the medical journal Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found that 50 percent of respondents found that lubricant made it easier for them to achieve an orgasm. This was true for both women and men.

The body’s own sliding production is hormonally dependent, regardless of whether you are excited or not. Therefore, sex can be uncomfortable if the body does not produce enough moisture on its own. Sex is undoubtedly much better with good glide.

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Lubricant a simple solution

According to the study, seven out of ten find that lubricant helps them feel more excited. Information about female sexuality could have been much better. Women suffering from pain during sexual intercourse and who have talked to their doctors about this without getting any advice. The solution is often quite simple, finding a good lubricant.

Lubricant can be a fun season in sex life. Among other things, you can play with tastes and where on the body you want to use it. There are different stimulating variants that can be extra delicious. Those who give a warming effect are also popular. Sex is much more than just penetration.

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Ordinary experience

The purpose of lubricant is to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. This will be most relevant if the woman does not get wet enough to be able to conduct intercourse without discomfort or pain. Some people nods to using lubricant in fear of being abnormal. Not getting wet enough by yourself is something that many women experience during life.

This is hormonally conditioned and may occur in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Reduced lubricity can thus be temporary. Also breastfeeding and menopause can reduce lubrication ability. However, in the U.S. study, the majority of those who used lubricants were 25-29 years old.

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Alternative emergency solutions

Sez Health specialists recommends investing in a neutral and allergy-friendly lubricant without glycerin and parabens. It should also be pH-friendly for your abdomen to avoid irritation and itching. If you do not have a lubricant available, there are things in the home that can give a similar effect.

Olive oil and baby oil are probably often used as lubricants. Moisturizers like good, old Spenol or Nivea day cream can also work. In addition, petroleum jelly and tiger balm can be a homemade combination, but then it is important to balance the mixture.

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Do not forget the foreplay

Lubricant is not always the best for everyone. If the woman has normal lubrication, the use of lubricant in addition will work towards the purpose. You can actually get too wet. The enjoyment of sex needs a certain amount of friction.

Many women need good and prolonged stimulation to get wet enough for intercourse. Therefore, good time and patience are important when you have sex. If lubricant is used to avoid spending time, it becomes an utter. Some women might feel that he wants to use a lubricant because he does not bother to worry about making her wet enough. Then she can feel a rejection, both by herself as a woman and as a boyfriend. But the problem can also occur the opposite way.

Some men may feel inadequate if their girlfriend does not get wet by herself but needs a lubricant. Just as many women can feel it if the boyfriend has erection problems. Knowledge and communication is therefore the key to a good sex life.

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