This is what little sex does to your body

What little sex does to your body. It may often seem that men have an unsightly sex appetite. It is the high testosterone level that ensures this. For us women who have more estrogen and less testosterone in the body, it is easier to go a long time without sex. Whatever the story behind your fallow bedroom times, a lack of sex will have a knock-on effect on your body and general psyche.

Our sex drive can almost go to sleep. If we do not remind the body that it likes sex, we can almost forget that sex exists. For some people who refrain from sex, they begin to feel more sluggish, with less vitality and hunger for sex, and without regular frequency of sex as you get older the walls of your vagina thin out and can lead to painful sex when you finally get back into the sack. Another side-effect which applies principally to older women, apparently the vagina struggles to get lubricated when you start having intercourse after a hiatus. Do we need to say more?

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Sex reduces stress

The absence of sex can have a number of negative consequences, especially for women. Of course, they can live without it, but they are very good at sex. Sex makes the body produce more oxytocin, the love hormone that will reduce the stress hormone cortisol. The hormone is released in several ways, including through orgasm and skin contact.

Sex has lots of good qualities and does a lot of good for body and soul, as long as it’s good and not just a housewife duty. It can help to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and increase happiness. A few years back, two psychologists at the University of Texas conducted a study to find out more about why people have sex.

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Singelsex and orgasm

There is no definition of what is little sex, nor is there anything that is right or wrong. In a previous survey 48 per cent of the readers reported that they have sex several times a week, 16 per cent have it a couple of times a month, while 5 per cent have it less often than once a year. Our needs are therefore very varied.

We are different, some have a big need, while others have a smaller need. According to her, it is far more important that you in a relationship have a similar needs as your boyfriend.

If you don`t have a boyfriend or if you and your boyfriend don`t have sex as often as you wish? That does not mean that you must miss the positive effects. The chemical reactions and the release of hormones are good also if you give yourself an orgasm,

Masturbation is good also for other reasons. Masturbation has a good impact on sex life and those who masturbate regularly have more orgasms with a partner.

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Body contact most important

But the positive gains of sex are far from just about orgasm, the absence of physical contact can be the most harmful to health. It can lead to loneliness, emptiness and isolation. Many women tell about missing body contact by boyfriend, and for many it’s about missing out on being touched. The simple touches, like someone striking you over your hair, or just hold your hand. The effect of sex, viewed from a health perspective, is small.

I think sex is good for the relationship and sex is good in itself, but it does not have to be good for anything else. Sex does not affects the body to a particular extent. Sex makes you feel relaxed afterwards and it makes the body stand out more prolactin, a hormone that makes us more “cuddly”. But the effect is quite short.

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