This is why he falls asleep after sex

Is your partner falling asleep right after you have had sex? Don’t be insulted if your partner is sleeping right after your most intimate moments together. Men fall asleep after sex for several reasons, none of them are related to your relationship, personality or performance in bed.

It’s quick to believe that his sudden urge for sleep is because he is bored or that he uses this as an excuse to get some rest, but that’s not the case. That he falls asleep is not because he is bored, but that the hormones he released during orgasm make him sleepy.

A man’s body chemistry changes after orgasm, the biochemical prolactin is released, physically altering his body and making him very tired. Women may not reach orgasm every time they have sex. So, after rocking your man`s world, you may still be a bit aroused and have the energy to talk about love and life while he’s drifting off to dreamland.

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Sex acts as a sleeping pill

When we get an orgasm, the endorphins and so-called love hormone release oxitocyn, which has the effect that our brain is in sleep mode. Sex is a pretty powerful activation of the entire body, and therefore you get a powerful endorphine rush just afterwards.

After this rush you are usually relaxed and sleepy, especially if it’s late at night. In addition to all endorphins, sex also leads to the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which makes us cheerful and tuned for proximity – and this has more ladies than men.

Prolactin helps us to associate with the one we’ve just had sex with, which is smartly pure propagation. Ladies have more of this than men, so while the ladies want to chat after sex, the men know that they would rather just sleep.

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Don’t take it personally

Furthermore, you are not alone if you think it’s a bit offensive that your partner falls asleep after you have sex.
There are probably some women who are offended when their partner falls asleep. They are focused on affiliation behaviors – proximity, chat, food – and then he just falls asleep.

Of course, we do not think that we are biological beings and that much of what we do is related to hormones and other quite mechanical functions, and therefore we take it personally.

Likewise, for example, men can say that women are not so interested in sex in certain parts of their cycle, and both women and men overlook that they would like to argue more on certain days of the month. In general, we overestimate how much of our life we ​​consciously govern and how much is governed by the body and the unconscious.

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Avoid falling asleep

Vary the times and places you have sex if there is a problem that one will sleep while the other will chat and enjoy. Have sex in the shower before work, on the washing machine when the children have settled or have the light on in the bedroom. Variation is important, so you not end up in a routine where all you do is go on the autopilot.

It may be an idea to have sex at another time of day. What works best is maybe having sex at a different time of the day than late in the evening, and of course, the effect is greatly enhanced by alcohol. But one thing is enough to just realize that’s the way, and do not be offended, because there’s actually nothing about you that he falls asleep after sex.

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Drop the TV and the mobile

You should also try to throw out the TV from the bedroom and log off social media before bedtime. This can have a major impact on your sex life. Did you know that couples who do not have TV in the room have twice as much sex as those who add to a movie? This was stated in an Italian survey that proves why you should keep TV viewing to the living room and the bedroom for sleeping and sex.

The survey also revealed that what kind of program you saw had a major impact on your sex drive. Violent movies negatively impacted half of the couples, while reality series woke you up sexually.

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