What happens in the body when you get an orgasm

When women get an orgasms, the most amazing things happen. First, muscle contractions in the abdomen, and then the delicious feeling of relaxation. The majority of us have experienced the tingling feeling of one or more orgasms, but do you really know what it comes from? And if you’re one of those who rarely or never got an orgasm: How can you really know? Everything you need to know about what happens in the body when you get an orgasm.

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The eternal round dance of the brain and the abdomen

The orgasm is “The Grand Finale”, but we rarely come to the final without having participated in the race first. We cross the starting line as we see, know, smell or think of something sexual. At this point, impulses are sent to the center of the brain that governs sexuality. When the brain receives these impulses, it produces hormones that transmit nerve signals to the abdomen. The brain and abdomen continue to communicate in this way, back and forth, until the sexual thoughts have been transformed into sexual exitement.

When you are sexual exited, the clitoris becomes erected and the vagina is moist. There are many women struggling to distinguish the usual moisture in the vagina, from the moisture that occurs when they are horny. The vagina is generally always moist, but this is due to discharge. The humidity that comes when we are horny is a completely different type of moisture, and its only function is to be a lubricant to prevent sore mucous membranes. When you put a finger into the vagina, it is always moist there. But it’s not just this humidity you need to be ready for intercourse. There are many who start before they are ready.

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From very moist to the Sahara desert

According to the specialist, the abdomen and the sexual center in the brain make up a fine-tuned mechanism. Stress, rational thoughts and performance anxiety destroy the mechanism. Most women can well signify that while they have had sex, they have become very dry. This is because you have begun to think about what your partner really thinks about your gender lips, or you have to remember what to shop for dinner. This may be enough to break the impulses sent between the brain and the abdomen, and then you become dry.

Many womens believes that they should be better off thinking about everyday life, technical achievement and other stress elements when they have sex. Only so we can continue the race and cross the finish line.

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Blaff or wave

After the race there are some, but far from everyone who gets a prize. The orgasm of most women is characterized by the following:

It usually occurs as repeated and rapid muscle contractions in the abdomen, followed by a sense of satisfaction and tranquility.

As womens get an orgasm, both heart rate and blood pressure increase. In addition the temperature increase in the skin, as well as an increase in oxytocin. The latter is often called the attachment or proximity hormone, and has the function of creating proximity and association with another person. The hormone sprouts and grows all the time, but flourishes in full because of the the orgasm. However, orgasms are experienced differently from time to time, and differently from woman to woman. Some are like little blaff, others are powerful.

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Different orgasms

The most commonly used orgasm types are vaginal and clitorial organs, or a combination of these two. Some women ejaculate, some ejaculate occasionally, some get serial orgasms and some experience tantric orgasms.

Some of us aspire to experience different orgasm types. But there are not necessarily different types of orgasms, but rather individual variations of one and the same orgasm. We experience the orgasms differently. A woman may have experienced a so-called serial orgasm ( more than one orgasm ), but still defines it as a single orgasm because she did not define the little orgasms along the way like a number of orgasms. Another woman may have experienced exactly the same, but defined it as a serial orgasm because she experienced big waves rather than small puffs.

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Orgasm or heroin?

And when we first talk about small puffs and big waves: 30 percent of all women report in research that they rarely or never get an orgasm. But, they may have actually got it, without having defined it as one. She explains that we can have expectations of how an orgasm will feel and feel.

But many have higher expectations than the reality can offer. If a woman gets an orgasm in the form of a little puff, rather than the big wave she had heard so much about it, it’s not necessarily that easy to decide if she got an orgasm or not.

Women who place themselves in “I have never had an orgasm” category, or women who have little sex drive. Because when we have sex and get an orgasm, different hormones and substances that affect the sexual center in the brain are differentiated. Dopamine is one of them. The specialists say that dopamine by orgasm has the same type of effect on the center of the brain as for example heroin.

As you get an orgasm, dopamine tells the brain that this will make the body more of it. For someone who has low sex drive, but really wants sex, it can help just get started. Then the dopamine system can make you eventually self-reliant because the brain asks for more. Something to think of if you think it would be nice with more of the good.

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