What is vaginal douche and why you shouldn’t do it?

What is vaginal douche and why you shouldn’t do it? A vaginal douch consists of cleaning the vagina deeply. Many women around the world use this type of shower to eliminate odors and remains that may have remained after menstruation. The douching can be done with water alone or with water and vinegar or with specific antiseptic liquids for this purpose.

However, the risk that runs this type of practice is high. In fact, experts do not recommend performing this type of deep cleaning, as it can cause damage to the cervix by the force exerted by the liquid entering the interior of the intimate area. So here we tell you the basic points you must know to avoid compromising your health.

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Is it advisable to do it?

No. Your intimate area has a flora composed of a set of microorganisms and is populated by lactobacillus, considered positive bacteria, which act as advocates to inhibit the development of harmful bacteria by producing lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Taking a vaginal douche can break this balance, by sweeping the flora of your intimate zone and altering its natural pH. These changes create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, making your intimate zone more vulnerable to infection.

And if you already have an infection, douching can cause bacteria to reach your uterus, your fallopian tubes and your ovaries, triggering diseases such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

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Can a vaginal douche eliminate odors and infections?

Remember that it is normal for your intimate zone to have its own essence and to produce some types of flow according to the stage of your menstrual cycle in which you find yourself. But if you notice something abnormal, such as burning, itching, bad smell or a discharge with a different color, it is better to consult your gynecologist.

Taking a vaginal douche will only cover the odor for a while and may worsen other conditions. Also, if you resort to this method before seeing your doctor, you can make it difficult for him to identify the problem.

Can a vaginal douche prevent a pregnancy?

A vaginal douching is NOT a contraceptive method. The sperm can reach the uterus very quickly and even the shower can facilitate this process.

In addition, you should consider that there is also the risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease, so it is essential that you inform yourself about the available contraceptive methods, their effectiveness, their disadvantages and their benefits, to choose the most appropriate for you.

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Why shouldn’t you do douching?

Vaginal douches are bad for your health, because they alter the vaginal flora, as well as your ph. In addition, they can lead to a vaginal infection, as well as cause other types of infections inside the uterus. They can also irritate and inflame the skin, especially if it involves douching made with homemade ingredients.

Many women opt for this method of hygiene because they consider that they have a strong and unpleasant odor. However, this odor can cause an infection such as gonorrhea or chlamydia and should be treated as soon as possible.

On the other hand, douching, in addition to causing irritation or infection, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. This is a serious infection that can lead to a woman’s infertility. In fact, douching can increase the risk of an extrauterine pregnancy (pregnancy grows in the fallopian tube or ovary, or in the cervical canal or pelvic cavity or abdominal cavity).

If your vagina smells different or strong, the answer is not a vaginal shower. Better talk with a professional. A change in the smell of the intimate area can be a sign of an infection or other issue that should be treated by the gynecologist. Avoid using perfumes, deodorants or any other product that may alter your vaginal flora. First of all, observe this area well, and have suffered some change, go to your doctor.

So, what is the best way to clean my intimate zone?

It is not necessary to do an internal cleaning, your intimate zone has a self-cleaning process that helps eliminate any residue, for example, at the end of your period. It is only important to carry out external cleaning, to keep it free of humidity and to favor its natural balance.

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